Friday, March 6, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons 4th

Where to begin...

Counter to some, i'll start with the present and work backwards. I just recently picked up all the 4th edition rule books by a course of sweet luck and fate. I'm living in Japan right now, so gamers are scarce, but there is a hobby shop in the neighboring town which has a little bit of a roleplaying selection, so i walked in and managed to find at least one copy of each of the 4th edition rule books. I quickly bought them and ran back to my dorm (well, rode the train / bus ) in order to read them all from cover to cover.

My first thoughts on the game after reading how everything works were: I LOVE POWERS! It really makes the game play out more like an MMO than a roleplaying game to me. Everyone gets crazy stuff that they can do with attacks not just the mage characters. I have been a player of DnD on numerous occassions, but mostly i play the DM and role an NPC of my own as a member of the party. This really helps me get into the characters heads a little bit more than my players think i am and it is a lot of fun. I usually end of fulfilling some role that the party doesn't want to do themselves, such as the shield wielding fighter...

Not to be a spoil sport, but in earlier editions of the game, playing this type of fighter was just not any fun (at least i felt that way). I watched as other fighters who were wielding the BFA (Big Fucking Axe [or BFS {Big Fucking Sword}]) would bust out crazy ammounts of damage and kill lots of people, but i was more or less playing the mages line of defense in the back. Now, since i was virtually always DMing, i didn't really have a problem with this, because i was getting to do all kinds of other cool stuff too, but i did imagine how other people in similar roles must have felt if they were running the same character.

Now... 4th edition loves the shield wearing fighter. You get to do all kinds of cool stuff. I'm particulary partial to knocking people over, (in one of my first games i got killed hard from an attack when i was laying on the ground, so since them i've always liked doing that to other people), stabbing them repeatedly and keeping them on the floor. Right now i'm playing an 11th level dragonborn fighter in the paragon path of Knight Protector in a game that i'm running with a few of my friends from school. I love to use my tide of iron to knock someone over, breath fire at them while their down, and then beat the tar out of them with my heavy blade. Really good times.

I've only run a couple of adventures now in fourth edition, but from what i can tell everthing seems to be better. I was pissed at first that they got rid of the gnome and the bard, essentially winking my main character (Fiblin the Fantastic / Fabulous [depending on what day you caught him on]) out of existance, but now he's back in PHB2, so nothing to serious or detrimental. I'm eagerly looking forward to roll up my bard again and see what inspirational / tricky stuff i get to be able to bust out on my enemies now.

So, all in all, Kudos. Good job, Bravo. All the work that was put into on 4th edition paid off in spaids. I can't wait to throw the new version of the atropol at my players and watch them squirm and make dead baby jokes while they are all killed to death (yes, i just said killed to death).

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