Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some more Vox incarnations

So, i got bored because i couldn't get onto the wizards forum so i started experimenting with the fighter a little bit more to make sure i understood all of his powers. The one thing i'm noticing is that a lot of the powers that you take when you get to higher level are virtually exactly the same regardless of what build you're doing. Although boring, it makes leveling a bit easier... lol.

Well, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Vox Board and Sword Build

Vox Spear/Greatspear and Net Build

Vox Double Whip Build (Particularly amusing)

Hope you enjoy checking them out. If you think there is something that i could do better for an optimized build let me know. I'm trying to opt these ones so that when i make others that have a bit more...how should i say this, unconventional builds, that they are still effective.

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