Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vox the Bugbear Fighter

Now that i have a faster computer to tow around with things on, i've been doing a lot of experimenting with different builds for monsters. Right now, i've been playing with the fighter as it is the class that i play the most often (not that its my favorite, but bards don't look like they are any fun under the new 4th edition rules....) and being the power gamer that i am i like to try and optimize, so i've been following the guide book set out by lordduskblade on the wizards character optimization forum found here

So far, i've come up with three differnt builds for him (so far, i'm sure more are on their way). The first i made was the dual wielding version utilizing the large double sword. The second i made is a small variation of this one which has swapped out his powers relating to the double sword in favor of using the double flail. The thrid version i made uses a totally different build around the execution axe. I love this as a double weapon and it dishes out some seriously wild damage, especially in the large brutal one which rolls 2d6 and thus has more potential for optimizing the use of the brutal feature. I rolled him out all the way to level 30 in each of these builds, but it wouldn't be hard to back track him in order to actually use him for play. I'm putting the character files for the Character Builder that wizards of the coast uses so that people can download him if they wish. They will be up there later.

Vox Double Sword Build
Vox Double Flail Build
Vox Execution Axe Build

Here is a little back story that i rolled up for him as well.
Vox was captured at a young age by a group of traveling mercanaries. He was sold off to the first black market traders that he could find. The traders past him on to a wealthy noble who took great pleasure in watching the fights at the arena. This noble trained Vox to be a brutal and merciless killer. Vox had his first fight in the pit at the age of 12. He won a perfect victory. From here on, Vox's potential was never left unfulfilled. He grew to become, what some would say, the greatest pit fighter in the history of the worlds. Finally, vox was offered a position in the army and a release from the pit. The nobles saw that his capability as a dealer of death could be put to better use against enemies of the country. He served willingly and without complaint, as long as he was challenged he cared not for whom he fought or for the motives behind it. When finally there was no warrior in the vast armies of the world that could match him, Vox left to go it alone, seeking out dragons and beasts of the underworld to do battle with. Vox was never one for comrades, they only got in the way. Finally, Vox began his ascent into the ranks of the gods as a servant of Kord, at whos side he finally took his place, swearing loyalty to the only man who ever defeated him in one on one combat.

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