Monday, April 27, 2009

Hero Artisan #3

My post for the Hero Artisan #3 is up on the Wizards forums if anyone wants to go over and take a look. I found this competition to be pretty hard, mainly because anything that remotely resembled nautical elements (to which the competition was themed around) weren't allowed to be used in the entry, forcing you to really go outside the box, or make up your own stuff using other things as a guide.

My entry is:

Rikthalik "The Clubber"

pardon me PETA, but D&D doesn't really have a problem with animal cruelty (unless you're a druid and then you'd be pissed!)

My character is themed around the predatory nature of the killer whale which devours the Ocean Seal. As you could have guessed from the above, this crazy shaman has an addiction to baby seal killing. I hope that is nautical enough for you :)

I'll post the full character once the competition is over. Till then, head on over to the wizards forums if you want to check it out for yourself.

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