Saturday, April 18, 2009

My XDMC #9 Entry

So, I finished my entry for the XDMC #9, the nation of Bakanoria. Its a country full of drunk people singing songs and dancing. I'm hoping i do better than last time, but the competition is steap. I was the 10th entry after only a week, which makes me think that some of these guys had their nations just lying around ready for publication whenever the need should arise. The optional elements were so easy for this one that 80% of nation entries one puts together already fit all the requirements and thus they didn't really matter.

I'm hoping the next competition is a bit better constructed, if its not, i'm sure people will just pull out CAMPAIGN OBJECT #457 and toss it down to be judged since it doesn't need to be changed in any way.

I'll post my entry after the competition is over, but until then, if you're interested you can go and wander over to the forums to give it a look see.

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