Monday, April 27, 2009

Scales of War in Japan : Game 2

Well, this week, we did three encounters from the scales of war. One of our players, a dwarf ranger leveled up. I'm hoping that he puts on his power-gaming hat when it comes time for him to choose his daily power as i think his DPR is lacking a little bit, even for a non opted character.

This week's game was really fun. I finally got to really shine as a defender and bust out my saving throw abilities in combat. We got hit really hard by Poison mushrooms (deal ongoing damage), Dark Ones (do an ongoing effect), a witch (ongoing blindness), and three very nasty different wraiths (one made us weak, another had a quasi-dominate effect, and one dazed us). My ability to shrug off almost all of these attacks kept us in the fight and my ability to suck in as many combatants as possible basically turned my Warforged Warden into a giant wraith magnet, which turns out, is exactly what my 23 AC is made for. When i ended up popping my second wind, that went up to 29. God i love my job. Defenders Forever. I think in all, i soaked up something like 120 damage, getting mad heals from our artificier and only dropping below bloodied at one point in the combat.

Our game really helped put the whole Temporary HP as DR in perspective for me and now i can hardly imagine how anyone would allow a battle-rager dwarf (the archetypal character for the class) into their game. They guy has to be nearly unkillable as i was only taking about 8 damage per hit and had the 4 temp every round that i get from strength of stone, but a battlerager... jeez, he's gotta be swimming in THP, maybe i'll have to give him a try. I have a few ideas for a cool battlerager swimming around in my head, one of them is a dwarf, but an earth genasi just sounds really cool too (as does a goliath... cheezy i know, but i'm not lactose intolerant so why should you be).

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