Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scales of War in Japan

So, apparently i managed to get myself into a Scales of War adventure path game out here in Japan. I had my first game with the group about a week ago (they have already played three times together). So far it is going pretty well. With the new PHB2 out, i rolled myself up a warden, as the party was lacking a defender. I'm a warforged, so i'm looking to create a nifty little backstory for him later. The warden is really sticky, which i love. His frosty mode that he gets around level 3or 4 is awesome. I used it to great effect in our first encounter. Actually, i tore up combat in our last game. I was on fire. Over the course of the night i rolled five 20's and just about every other roll came up between 16 and 19. I was a glowing success story. I've got a feeling that this luck will not hold up for another game.

I'll post my character sheet here if anyone wants to see it. I think our next game is going to be this sunday. I'm looking forward to it.

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