Friday, May 15, 2009

Another 24 Hour RPG project...

Out of my depressed anger regarding my current performance in the latest XDMC contest, i decided to enter into the 24 Hour RPG build contest yet again. This time around, i've chosen to do the Aliens vs. Monsters vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas as my theme. My entry is entitled...


I think i won't have too much trouble doing this one, as the theme is a little bit less vague and has the makings of a truly fun and wide scope. I'm hoping that i can do it justice.

So far, i've got a setting where 5 different factions are trying to control the planet earth: The before mentioned 4 and the already present human race. My hope is that the game plays something like a version of cooperative risk, where all the players are fighting using a single faction in order to try and take over the world.

As far as the system is concerned, the game will play out particular battles, which have a differernt difficulty rating as well as a varying consequence rating. The more battles you fight and win, the more areas of the globe you will control. At the same time, the other factions are fighting as well.

Well, wish me luck. I hope somebody likes this one and gives it a read. I'm taking a very differnt approach to this one than i did with my last 24 Hour RPG, Bloody Stuffing, but hopefully it will come out looking like something interesting.

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