Wednesday, May 27, 2009

D&D Podcasts and MM2

I am a long time listener of the D&D podcasts. I really enjoy listening to them while i do character sketches, taking notes on good ideas that i hear. I didn't start listening to them until about a month ago, but i quickly cleared through the entire archive and now wait impatiently for each new one to come around. If you haven't listened to one of the podcasts yet, i strongly encourage it; they are filled with great insights and all kinds of interesting stories. I'm a huge fan of both PvP and Penny Arcade so when the guys that produce these webcomics teamed up for not 1, but 2 different adventures which were recorded for the Podcast, i was all ears.

Well, this week, they reviewed MM2 and the creature decisions they made about the book. I'm not sure how i like the concept of Metalic Dragons now willing to rumble with the Players as easily as Chromatics, but i'll let it slide, mostly because i love the other monsters that they let into the book. I've always been a fan of the underdog creatures. The Bullywug is one of my favorites as are Myconids and Kenku. I can't wait to get these guys into my games, especially now that i've heard so much more about them from the designers.

The one thing that i loved in this podcast was the discussion about the reworking of solo creatures to turn them into more of a challenge. The way they are retooling them has a very MMO esq feel to these fights, something that i think could be done very well in the proper hands of a skilled DM. The Beholder is an awesome creature and i would love to see more solos like this which really challenge the characters regardless of party composition or tactics.

I'm in the midst of building my 2 Elite Creatures for the XDMC #10 over at the Wizards forums. I wanted to put in a solo element and now that i have more of the designers thoughts, i think i can make it work. I'll post a link to my entry when i get it in.

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