Monday, May 4, 2009

Hero Craftsman #21 Cosimo d' Tharashk, and other stuff...

Well, my submission for HC #21 is up over at the wizards forums. I now have an entry in each of the competitions. Hopefully, one of these entries will actually show some merit, though i can't vouch for them very much...

I had originally thought about going with an Inspector Gadget type character, but the homebrew in 3.5 is pretty rediculously hard to work, at least for me, so i didn't end up doing that.

Instead, i went with a character, roughly based around batman, a masked super-hero who fights crime and solves mysteries, a super-detective if you will. Hopefully the judges like the concept as much as i did. I see Cosimo, or The Dragonne, his super hero name, as something of a nerdy-type dude who likes to put on a mask and a cape and pretend to be a detective fighting bad guys.

For now, i'm not supposed to post the character for review, following the rules of the contest, so if you want to get a look see, browse on over to the Wizards community forums and take a peak.

My entries in forum contests right now are:
Rikthalik the Clubber - [4e] Hero Artisan #4 - Nautical
Cosimo d' Tharashk - [3.5e] Hero Craftsman #21 - It's all in the details.
Bakanoria - [4e] Expert Dungeon Master Competition #9 - Build a Nation

As each of these competitions wraps up, i'll post my entries up for review on my blog. Wish me luck, maybe i'll take home some medals this time around (i probably won't judging by the competition).

Anyways, on to some other news...

I put up a new campaign that i'm working on on Obsidian portal. I'm hoping to work on it more and more as the days go by, but i'm not sure how much time i will have with school and the family. I'm hoping to get my friends to start posting to this blog soon enough, and maybe then it will really take off.

The campaign setting is called On'gaka (a play on the Japanese word for music). It is a mix of fantasy, steam punk, and futuristic elements mixed together with the power of music. I really want to have something of a more light hearted system that i can play with my friends while we sit around drinking and listening to whatever we want to listen to. To this end, i'm hoping that i can reflect different genres of music, and the people that listen to said music, within my campaign setting; all of this while trying not to get to rascist or become a terrible stereotyper. This may be a terrible idea, but i think it is going to be funny. It is going to have something of an anime/asian feel, mostly because i live in Japan and i know the culture pretty well; i'm looking at shows like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Afro Samurai and trying to turn that feeling into a game setting.

Got any ideas? I would love to hear them.


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