Friday, May 15, 2009

Results of XDMC #9 Build a Nation...

Well, again, not another winner... but, i did move up a bit from last time in terms of my overall rank amongst the pack. It was a close one, to be sure. I came in 10th of 22, but there was only a 3 point margin between first and 10th place. WoW. I can't imagine how hard it is to actually judge this competition.

The thing that i got hit in points the most was usability. The people that won the competition all had countries which were either smaller in scale or were in a venue that could be added into any campaign with very little maneuvering. I, on the other hand, decided to build a vast nation, with a huge population, and thus probably got dinged a lot for that. My original concept was to put the entire nation in a demi-plane found inside a wine bottle which floated around the world. People that found the bottle and opened it, would be transported inside into the land of vineyards and wine. I think if i had actually done this, i probably would have faired considerably better in the judges eyes... that might have made that 3 point difference. Oh well, from now on, i go with my gut, which will lead me into strange and forbidden places, but will probably also garner me a bit more respect in return.

I'll post my entry up here soon. I want to make a few minor changes to the format beforehand.

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