Friday, June 12, 2009

D&D Podcasts: Eberron

This week, the folks over at WotC took a look into Eberron during their podcast. I'm not sure that i would call it one of their better one's to be honest. It seemed like a lot was said about very little. I know that the podcasts have to have some advertisement in them, but things like maps and adventures, while nice, aren't really what you buy the book for, so when time is spent talking about them, i feel like i'm listening to a commercial. This being said. The Emerald Claw = Nazis. Great stuff.

During the discussion about DM styles, specifically the comparison of Greyhawk and Eberron style of DMing, i've come to realize the reason for being so drawn into this setting. I like DMing Movies. For me, i've always wanted to write professioniall, screen plays, books and such, and so I believe i was naturally drawn into this style of game in a setting where it is encouraged. I almost always use scene based styles of play in my games, whether the campaign is set in Eberron or not.

What style do you play in and Why? Homework for the week. There will be a quiz next period.

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