Saturday, June 13, 2009

Druid Tech Part 1

So, i have been rewatching the old anime series Tenchi Muyo. This was the first anime that i ever watched and has really shaped the kind of anime i like even now. I saw it for the first time i think when i was about 11. The characters were awesome and i found the show to be very funny.

Rewatching it the second time around has been just as rewarding, but now with my D&D hobby taking up as much time of my life as it is, i've started to examine things from the perspective of a DM and how i can fit things into my games/campaigns.

I've been working on one campaign setting On'gaka, which i think is turning out to be a dud. I'm trying to bind too many disparate elements into something that i think just won't work; however, i find the concept of fantasy-punk (one of the sugestions for a 24 RPG over at 1km1kt) to be very interesting. I have always loved adding tech elements to D&D games; i think that Eberron did a good job of this, to some extent, but they really dug themselves into a mid 20th century version of technology rather than pushing tech farther into the future.

I think there is room for a more advanced technological/cypber-punk style of game which is built into a D&D setting.

Getting back to my introduction with Tenchi Muyo, the people of planet Jyurai (i hope that is how you spell it) are basically a race of lordly druids which use the power of nature to fuel starships, energy weapons, and so forth. What an awesome concept for a D&D campaign setting; this is something that i think would fit perfectly into a higher tech version of a fantasy-punk setting. Seeing natural elements combined into a fantasy-punk or high tech style of game seems to be something that never fits in quite right. The nature lovers of the future always end up being some low intelligence, tree hugger group which is dissatisfied by the way the world has abandoned the love of mother earth in favor of exploiting her for resources and technology jumps. Well, looking at Jyurai, why not make the nature lovers the biggest bad-asses in the universe. These are the guys who have channeled the primal energy of nature, the greatest power source in the universe, in order to become the power-brokers of the galaxy.

So, i think i'm going to try and incorporate something along these lines into a fantasy-punk style game. Hopefully i won't fail on this one like i did with On'gaka.


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