Sunday, June 14, 2009

Druid Tech Part 2

In my previous post in this series, I introduced the concept of Druids in a high tech setting my giving my inspiration from Tenchi Muyo, the acclaimed and many times redone anime from the 90’s which is still going strong in its newest interpretation. In Dungeons and Dragons terms, Druids have always been forces of nature, drawing upon primal powers in order to wield great magic.
In a high tech setting, Druids and other Nature loving classes shouldn’t be left out in the cold. It thus becomes important to put them into some type of high tech context. So, lets take a closer look at the Jurai as they are seen in Tenchi Muyo:

The Power of Trees
The Jurai take their power from their ancient trees. Each member of the Jurain royal family has a tree which grants it power. The greater the tree, the greater the power that the individual gets. Trees are used to power star ships, grant eternal life, and channel attacking energy which rivals that of massive space stations and interstellar alien robots.

Adapting this into Dungeons and Dragons
Putting a race into play that mimics the power of the people of Jurai seems to be not so difficult. There are already many nature worshiping races and races which have an affinity towards nature in the game. Elves have always been closely linked to nature and remain so in 4th edition. Eladrin are the race of the Feywild, which has an even closer link to nature as residents of a plane where nature at its finest is in abundance.

It seems then that building a race, similar to the Jurai into Dungeons and Dragons wouldn’t take much more than slipping one of these two races, or one of the other races, into a new role in this campaign setting; the other option would be to create a completely new race from scratch (which under the new rules seems not to be too difficult) and there it is.

I believe that in my world, I want to go with this second option. Elves and Eladrin, while having a connection to nature, do not seem to draw their power from it. I think that a homebrew race could do just the trick in my setting.

In part 3 of this series on Druid Tech, I will showcase the race that I have built and call it up for examination.

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