Friday, June 19, 2009

The Dump Stat Joins the Ranks!

Hello to all the followers and fellow members of the RPG Bloggers Network. The Dump Stat has been granted admission into your auspicious ranks. I’m proud to now be a member of this esteemed network. I hope that I can add my 2 cents to the communal thought pool.

When I initially started developing the dump stat, my goal was to provide a source for information for both DM’s and Player’s, which could be used to maximize the fun you have around the game table. I’m trying to keep away from commenting on the actions of Wizards of the Coast, but every once and a while something will come up on my blog about them.

I really think that the community of Dungeons and Dragons is the driving force behind 4th Edition. The Wizards forums are a great source for discussing game concepts and homebrew, so I’m on the forums looking around a lot. When I find something interesting, you’ll often find links to it on my blog,

I’ve got a great line-up of planned articles coming up. I’ll be finishing my series on Druid Tech before delving into other technological power sources and how they fit into Dungeons and Dragons 4e. I will also be posting some of the results for the WotC forums contests: Hero Artisan, Hero Craftsman, Expert Dungeon Master, and Master Dungeon Master, which I am often a participant in, but rarely a winner of anything. I’ll be talking about my entries as well as the winning ones from the recent contests. I am also currently doing a guest spot on Stargazer’s World, my current weekly series called the “Gamer in Japan” details the time I spent in Tokyo and how it affected my pen-and-paper RPG adventures. Following that I will be doing a series on “World Building the Japanese Way;” this column will discuss Japanese themes and how they can be used effectively to create a splendid world of fantasy regardless of setting or time period.

Finally, I will be posting chapters from the nearly completed novel I’ve been working on inspired in part by a D20 Modern game I’ve been running for a while, set around the Japanese underground and crime world of the Yakuza. I will also be posting character fiction and back stories for several of the characters in my gaming group as well as my past and present characters.

I hope that everyone can enjoy these articles. I am glad to be able to share my thoughts on the hobby with people from around the world and I would really love to hear people’s comments and criticism for anything I post up here on the blog.

Looking forward to a wonderful new relationship.



  1. Welcome to the network, Shinobicow! And I am really looking forward to working with you!

  2. Welcome aboard! I'm also a fairly recent recruit, and though I'm less of a DnD man (more of a generic articles for any game/vintage gaming), I find there's usually something interesting to glean from any RPG discussion. I'll pop in for sure.

  3. Hey Shinobicow, welcome aboard! I honestly figured you were already one of us, forgetting that I read your blog directly instead of from the RPGBloggers Feed Aggregate.

  4. Hey, Hello and Aloha.

    Welcome to the network, I look forward to reading some of your posts.

  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! glad to finally be among the chosen few :)

    @Dyson - Yea, we seem to be meeting up a lot, i know i'm over at your blog and we see each other quite a bit over at 1km1kt. Gnomes and what not.