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XDMC #9 Bakanoria Part 3

So here is part three of my nation entry for XDMC #9. If you've been reading the ones that have preceeded this post, you should have a pretty good idea so far about what the nation is like. So here is some more.


Bakanorian People and Background
Most Bakanorians are human. Most Bakanorians choose to follow the path of the bard, which is the most highly praised profession of the church. All Bakanorians have slightly darker skin, tanned from the constant sunlight that the country is blessed by. Human Bakanorian men tend to be a bit fatter, as a result of the constant drinking, but Bakanorian women tend to have curvy figures and wider hips. Most Bakanorians have dark hair. Bakanorian farmers have strong, lean muscles toned from picking grapes all day. All Bakanorians are raised to appreciate wine from an early age as part of both their culture, thus they have an unnatural strength when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Bakanorians are virtually all high-spirited and good natured people who are willing to lend a hand to people in need. Bakanorian people are naturally good singers as well as natural story tellers, though when they are in the midst of story telling, they are prone to stretch the truth for purposes of entertainment. Bakanorian people are also very trusting, but when their trust is broken, they tend to hold grudges against that individual for far longer than others.

Add Diplomacy and Endurance to your class skills list and gain a +1 Bonus with Diplomacy and Endurance checks.

Politics, The Church, and Political Organizations

The Church of Crescendia
Headquarters: Val’sata
Leader: The Theocratic Council of Vintners
Strength: Paragon Tier
The first people to inhabit Bakanoria were worshippers of the Elder Song Dragon Crescendia. Following her commandments, they began to establish wineries and structured vineyards to harvest the grapes that grew throughout the land and turn them into wine. After the founding of Val’sata and the nation’s growth, The Council of Vintners was formed as the ruling body of Bakanoria. There are currently 9 members on the Council of Vintners. The people have no say in who is or is not appointed to the council and there is no limit or minimum number of people that may sit on the council, or what manner of person or beast may obtain a council seat. Currently, only one non-human, a single dragonborn bard occupies a chair on the council, but he is highly respected and will probably become the head of the council in the near future.
No trade agreements can be made without having the church’s approval. The council controls the entire manufacture of wine within the country and the ownership of a winery or vineyard is strictly controlled. Each of the council members has a massive vineyard and winery to themselves, but other high ranking members of the church are granted the right to own vineyards as well. Note however that the Council controls these vineyards, but they give the vast majority of the profits back to the people through one medium or another.
In Bakanoria, all the citizens that work on the vineyards receive a salary each month for their service. Missionaries also receive a salary which is slightly higher, providing greater incentive to travel and preach.
Missionaries of Crescendia are also large in number as the general tenants of the church mandate that joy be spread to all people anywhere. Most missionaries carry a good deal of this holy water on them so that the people might sample of its pleasures as an incentive to change locales.
As Crescendia’s law commands that her followers drink and make fools of themselves, the government has created some special laws to protect the wine trade. The legal system however leaves something to be desired. Most laws are not strictly monitored; in most cases, the people that do the monitoring are in no sense capable of monitoring anything but the inside of their eye-lids. Lesser crimes can be negotiated out of on the by simply claiming intoxication; in these cases most times people are let off with a warning.

The following are a list of laws particular to Bakanoria which extend beyond the basic murder is bad, don’t do it common sense laws of other nations:
#1 Harming the Vines
No person should willfully do harm to any of the grapes that grow in the country.
#2 Interfering with Trade
No person shall interfere with the trade of wine in the country.
#3 Speaking Out Against the Government
No person shall speaks out against the Council of Vintners.
#4 Spreading Rumors of Danger or Impending Doom
No person shall spread rumors of danger or attempt to stir a panic.
#5 Profaning the Goddess
No person shall profanes the goddess.
#6 Immigration
All individuals must follow proper procedures for entry into Bakanoria.
#7 Smuggling
All goods are subject to inspection and confiscation when entering the country. Confiscated goods are returned when an individual wishes to depart.
#8 Trafficking in Disease
All sick persons entering the country, or any person possessing a communicable disease is subject to quarantine or deportation.
#9 Entering a Singing Well
No person shall enter a Singing Well.

Individuals found in violation of these laws are almost always punished without any chance for appeals, but confinement is prosecuted in church dungeons that are not difficult to escape from and the law enforcement has the nasty habit of not being able to recognize repeat offenders. Criminals often escape from the dungeons immediately following their imprisonment. Death sentences are carried out on rare occasions in the dungeons without any public knowledge, but only on very severe crimes.

The Voice of the People
Headquarters: Val’sata
Leader: Jack Stringer
Strength: Heroic
This group was formed so that the Theocratic council of Vintners could more easily hear, and respond to the needs of the people which had spread out across the country. As the people do not have a vote in how the money they earn for the government is spent, it is left to the Voice of the People to inform the council of Vintners what the people need and want; it has no combat powers beyond the basic strength of the country’s peasantry, except for its leader Jack, an ex-council member who is arguably the most powerful person in Bakanoria save for the goddess and her children; his unnaturally long life is a thing of legends in Bakanoria, he has been the head of this organization since the nation’s founding. He is still greatly respected and honored by the Council.
Each town has a delegate which reports to Jack, who then in turn approaches the council with the problems of the people. The council does for the people what they can, but the people don’t always get what they want.

The Battle Criers
Headquarters: Val’sata
Leader: The Theocratic Council of Vintners
Strength: Paragon
The Battle Crier’s are technically a leaderless group of church ritualists that report to the Theocratic Council of Vintners. They were formed out of a need the church saw to protect their country from invasion, but lacking the necessary elements to build a well trained army, most of the people would be too drunk to lift a sword, they began work on a musical spell that could be sung by the Church ritualists.
The ritual which they wield, “The Song of Triumph” is a massive battle hymn which is performed in unison by all members of The Battle Criers. They alone possess its secrets. When it was last used, it completely destroyed an entire fleet of snake-tongue pirates that sought to sink the Bakanorian trade fleet and make off with their wine. Since then, no nation has challenged the defensive capabilities of Bakanoria; this has meant a great peace for the nation over the years, but it has also meant that the Bakanorian military has become fat, bloated, and prideful in the thought that their ritualistic power is completely without compare anywhere else in the world. They are unfortunately mistaken. While years ago, the rituals power was incomparable, the ritualists have become lazy and drunk and now lack most of the strength they formerly possessed. Though they themselves do not know this, others might…

Non-Political Organizations
Many non-political organizations exist within Bakanoria, many music schools and art schools dot the coast line, but the following organizations are of particular importance.

The Stringer School
Headquarters: Val’sata
Leader: Jack Stringer
Strength: Paragon Tier / Epic Tier
The Bardic school of Val’sata, named the Stringer School after Jack Stringer its founder, and current dean, was established so that the country might train missionaries to travel the world and sing the praises of Crescendia, but it does not fall under direct jurisdiction of the church. Every student of the school aspires to one day be “Just like Jack,” a true master of all trades. The school is home to many bards who live there and study under teachers of different classes in order to do better in missionary service. The school has attracted teachers ranging from former thieves, wizards, fighters, rangers, paladins, warlords, and even warlocks; all of them converted to the teachings of Crescendia and share their knowledge and past experiences with their students. Only the primal classes are not represented in some way at the school. The school is free and entrance to the school is open to visiting students wishing to train temporarily under one of the masters or permanent students wishing to become missionaries of the state.

The Musical Institute of Liena
Headquarters: Leina
Leader: Hans Archibald the 3rd
Strength: None
The Musical Institute of Liena not only manufactures some of the most ornate and beautiful musical instruments anywhere in the planes, but also is the center for teaching of musical theory and practice. They possess no military strength. The institute, lies in the city of Liena not far from the dragon goddesses den, but they don’t know of its location, nor does anyone else…

Compos Mentis
Headquarters: Val’sata
Leader: Knight Lord Tien’hor
Strength: Heroic/Paragon Tier
Compos Mentis was founded recently, seeing a need to drive out the evil forces which are going untouched by the government. They are also called the Sober Sect by the masses. Compos Mentis is a small knightly order which is led by former council member Tien’hor. They can be best described as a vigilante police brigade and are often the brunt of governmental harm for the help they are trying to do. They are allowed to exist because of their leaders former connections within the council. They hold that happiness without happiness is not really happiness at all. The public views their actions, for the most part as a group of troublesome party crashes, whose sole existence is to kill their buzzes. This is in part because the church does all it can to squelch any rumors of lurking evil in the hopes that it will keep the people from seeing reality, and to keep Compos Mentis from actually being a Buzz Kill. The ranks of Compos Mentis are mostly multi-classed Bard - Knight Protectors of various levels throughout the paragon tier. Initiates into Compos Mentis are usually Fighter – Bards or Bard – Fighters in the middle heroic tier. The order wields shields and swords, but all members carry a set of pipes which they use to sound the alarm or signal other members of the order.


Next time in Part 4 of the series i will show some of the Criminal Organizations as well as some encounters / hooks. Stay Tuned

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