Friday, August 7, 2009

Back in the US with Wifey

Well, i'm back in the United States at long last. It has been a long haul in Japan and a long trip back home with lots of complications and problems... but in the end, my wife has now joined me in my Dungeons and Dragons hobby and is putting her rediculously cutesy girly spin on things. I wonder how the Dungeons and Dragons world will be changed as a result of her ... how should i say this ... inventiveness.

So - I'm going to try to get on a good schedule again. I have been on too long of a hiatus already and there is so much that i am no longer caught up on. I apologize for my drastic lack of urgency and my general failure to post anything remotely on time.

O well... Life in the world of RPG's goes on.


I'll be updating my site with some of the awesome pics found in the fansite package put out by WotC. I'm hoping that there is more available soon. It would be nice if they made more available...

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