Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Important Fact #3 - At War With the Gods

This setting has a very strong link to the Far Realm, as I have discussed in previous posts; this link is so strong that it is throwing the planes into alarm. As the link between the Far Realm and the material plane is growing stronger, the planes are becoming restless and many have adopted a strong distaste for the material world.

Important Fact #3 - At War With the Gods
The influence of the Far Realm on the material plane has reached the point at which many of the good aligned deities in the Universe can no longer sit idly by and watch as it the world falls apart and deteriorates; it has become very obvious that the races that belong to the material world have been corrupted and defiled, almost in their entirety. For this reason, the gods have become greatly displeased and have declared war on the peoples of the material world. Missionary movements have been abandoned in favor of crusades. Temples no longer pass out blessings, but instead pass out plagues. The gods are very, very angry. Rather than abandon the world and its peoples, they have banded together and decided that the world must be purged of all taint before the power of the Far Realm that is multiplying their can have a chance to spread into other worlds.

The war of the divinity has caused a huge split between the faithful worshippers of the gods and the people. The people of the material world no longer pray to the gods. They pray to man that they may be crushed. The power of the gods is also waning. They no longer possess much of the magnificent glory that they once did, as their followers are withering into extinction.

Because the good deities have all but been abandoned in the world, many evil deities have gained a huge foothold in the material plane. The temptation they bring to the mortal races is far too great a power for people to ignore. Many nations have fallen to these dark powers and massive cults.

This is, however, not to say that divine characters do not exist. Characters with a link to the divine, i.e. possessing the divine power source, are considered to be the protected few. These individuals are considered by the gods, not to be of the material world, but belonging to them, existing in the material plane to serve their will.

What this means for most of the good deities is that most of them now do almost the opposite of what their original purpose. Deities who were revered, at one time, for things like bringing fertility to the earth, are now, more concerned with blighting it. However, because the gods power is waning in this realm, they have not been able to simply blink the material world out of existence. Their are forces protecting this world and those forces do not have good intentions.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Important Fact #2 - The Not so Far Realm

I chose to center my campaign in some ways around an ancient apocalypse that is tied heavily to the Far Realm and the entities that reside within it. This is an incredibly important part of this campaign setting may present some of the highest end game challenges for players involved with preventing the destruction of this world to the powers of the Far Realm.


Important Fact #2 - The Not so Far Realm

The meteor that crashed into the material world fell through the stars and originated in the Far Realm itself. Because of the meteor, the Weird exists across the material plane. One of the reasons that this meteor could reach and impact the material world is because of the proximity of the Far Realm to this material plane. The two are growing closer and closer every year. With each passing day, the influence of the Far Realm on the Material plane grows greater and greater. More and more aberrant creatures find their way through portals to terrorize the world. Some nations have already fallen under the influence of the Far Realm, though this collapse may be unnoticed by the world at large. Servants of the greatest Aberrant entities have established major churches dedicated to the worship of the stars and Star Spawn have infested the land. Some of these have power even beyond the gods and the primordials. For that, this land is greatly feared.


What exactly does this mean for players adventuring in the material plane? The close proximity of the Far Realm means that aberrant forces in the world are much more common than in other worlds. Cults of the stars are prevelant and powerful aberrant forces have established across the world.

In summary, throughout this game setting, Aberrant forces are always just a little bit around the corner waiting to mess with and frustrate every effort the players may pursue.

Important Fact #1 - Technology In Many Forms

The Campaign setting, which has been in development for a quite a while now, several years counting the work I did back on it in 08/09, is now getting very, very close to its first real advenutre. Our first game as a group will be next Sunday, which should be a lot of fun. Reading over some of the elements in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting book, I thought it might be good if I also started to lay out some of the important elements to remember about my setting. These won't be in any particular order, but are more likely to come out as I feel it.

#1 The World exists in Many Different Stages of Technological Advancement
In the material world, technology is not equally divided among the people. Some civilizations have moved beyond the imagination in their interaction with the Weird Energy source. They have begun to acheive levels of technology which threaten the power of the gods themselves. However, societies such as these are few. On the other side, their are pockets of space in the world, that are either cut off from civilization as a whole or are totally disconnected from The Weird. The difference in technology levels across nations and nation states has created some intense jealousy among nations which strive for greater tech, but don't have the resources to achieve it. Some nations find themselves drawing on dark powers in order to gain similar levels of strength through different means.

This element is very important to me in this setting. I wanted, when I started making it, to create a single setting in which I could, quite fluidly, go from areas of intense Lord of the Rings style fantasy adventure i.e. classic D&D, to extremely futuristic and crazy worlds that would be more at home in an entirely different game system, much less setting. I also wanted to capture the worlds in between, making room for things like steam punk.

Like I had mentioned earlier, I decided, in this setting that I would use The Weird as a power source, but not just for the Aberrant Internet of Hive City. The Weird acts as an energy field throughout the material plane and areas where it is has higher density are capable of actually providing energy for powerful constructs and mechanical marvels. These type of machines are known as Weird Engines in the broad sense. A Weird engine could be anything from a small set of mechanical wings, which allows an individual to fly, to a massive giant fighting war behemoth (something akin to the more Escaflowne-esq side of Giant Robots).

With the way things are set up through this strategy, there can be areas of each throughout the world, providing various levels of play.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A History of the world

The campaign world which I am currently constructing, is currently an unfinished and very wrought setting, but I have begun mapping out some of the basic topography as well as history of the place. Here is a little bit of that information.

This world, the Broken Lands, is divided into a series of large island size continents of various shapes and sizes. The biggest of these is very long and wide, but is shaped somewhat like an hourglass. In the ancient past, in the center of that hourglass lay a great and fantastic mountain range which was home to the center of civilization in the material realm - a great dwarf kingdom. This kingdom was totally unrivaled in every respect - they had mastered the greatest magics, had extremely powerful mental prowess, and even had achieved a fantastic connection to the gods - but their power was meaningless in the tragedy that was to come, some have even rumored that their power was the reason for their downfall.

When the meteor crashed from the far realm, It fell directly into the center of this hourglass shaped continent and leveled the entire mountain range. It wiped out the entirety of the great dwarf civilization and shattered their mountains and their mountain castles. These mountains were crushed and plunged into the ocean, only the very tips of these mountains were left standing above the waters that plunged into absorb them. Now this central area of the continent is a great archipelago of mountain peeks which jut out of the water.

Many ages have passed since the meteor that crashed into the world and brought forth The Weird. Things are much different now. The dwarf kingdoms are all gone and the last of the dwarves are now scattered across the world. Some still cling to their noble lineage, living in hiding from the rest of the material world which despises them, but most dwarves have found themselves as nomadic bandits and scavengers, making a rough living through theft, larceny, and mercenary ways.

However, the dwarves were not the only thing affected by the Meteor, quite the opposite in fact. The aberrant forces which the meteor brought with it have been slumbering and growing more powerful - some times they awake and wreak havoc on the world. The people of the material world now lie in wait for the greatest of them to all awake and leave the world in ruin. Due to this threat, the world is massing its forces, but they have not relegated their arms to strictly this purpose.

The world is at war.

The entire material plane is making a great war across the continents. Each nation has its own goal, but the war that has been raging for several hundred years now and shows no signs of ending; this is a war that has not gone on peacefully, but it is also not a war that everyone in the world is aware of. The power level of this war is beyond what most common people could fathom. It has even gone as far as to involve the gods, directly on the battlefield, but more than anything, this war has been one of technological evolution and information. Each state has been mobilizing its magisters, artisans, engineers, and its technomagicians in order to build up armies that can conquer it all.

This is not to say that actual wars are a thing of the past, but these sets of skirmishes and battles are nothing compared to the big picture struggle that is going on.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Adventure Hooks for the Aberrant Internet

So, a lot of people might have read the last few posts about the fantasy style Internet that I have been building in the last few entries and wondered to themselves... why? sure, it might be interesting to have in your game, but what is the point? How would I actually make this an important or at least interesting part of my game world.

So, I am feeling generous and I thought I would write up some adventure hooks which you could use (and one or two of which I might be using) in an upcoming game when starting a new adventure.

Hook #1 - Find my lost Modum

Modums are precious to many people and for an individual that relies on the world of Hive City to stay up to date on all the latest information, or even might be using that world for less than honest purposes, finding a lost or stolen Modum might be a very high priority for many individuals. This hook could potentially be used at many different levels, ranging from heroic, even to epic tier, as it pits the adventurers against a force of unknown individuals or creatures or unknown level. The Modum in question, would most likely have powers and rarity associated with the level to which the adventure plays out.

Hook #2 - Gain Access to a Room

Some rooms might hold very rare and hidden information, or even be the place where more precious and unique items are stored. Gaining access to a specific room is akin to a treasure hunt for information. Finding out where the door is, finding out where it leads, and gaining a key could be a small or even long adventure unto itself and again can be played out at a number of levels. Maybe the PCs need to track down an individual who is known to possess that information or, perhaps, they need to find it engraved in the bottom of a dungeon.

Hook #3 - A Hive City Meeting

Hive City provides anonymity to those who are willing to purchase a Modum powerful enough. Meeting an individual in Hive City may be a very interesting and tricky way to start an adventure filled with hidden identities and spy tactics.

Hook #4 - A Hive Infested

Hive City has never been a place where monsters exist. It is a realm of a strange ghostly entities there to communicate... but what happens when monsters start showing up in Hive City and devouring the spirits of the people in Hive City, then those individuals wind up dead in the real world... what will happen. This may be an adventure worthy of upper paragon or even Epic Tiers.

Hook #5 - The Hive is Falling Apart

What would happen were Hive City to collapse - the consequences might be tremendous. Stopping its destruction could be something a group of Epic level PCs would relish taking part in.

These are just some potential ideas. Maybe there will be more coming later. In the future, Ill talk a little bit about history in the setting; I'll give a sample of how the races have changed, comparing dwarves in this setting to dwarves in dark sun; I'll talk about the different types of technology in the setting and how views on magic have changed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exploring Hive City, the Aberrant Internet

In my previous post, I described the Modum, a race of creatures that bond with other intelligent beings willingly to grant them access to Hive City, a place for communication among intelligent beings. But what exactly is Hive City? What is there? What does it look like?

Through the use of Modum, intelligent beings can access The Weird and the stuff inside it. Hive City. Hive City is a massive city of huge towers. The landscape may be somewhat bewildering at first. It is populated entirely by the people who use the Modum to reach it, so in all honesty, it can be said that nobody really lives there, they only visit.

The towers in Hive City are constructed entirely of what appear to be bookshelves and doors. All the bookshelves are sorted and categorized by topics which makes an individual, trained in finding information there, easily able to find what they are looking for. There are numerous methods by which information finds its way into Hive City. Many of these books are scribed by individuals capable of adding information into The Weird. Other information gets there by more secret, and sometimes, by more brutal methods. All the numerous tomes in Hive City possess a spirit of their own. When an individual draws a book from one of the stacks, they are actually drawing forth the information spirit that resides in that book and making a copy for themselves at the same time. That book remains on the stack and can be viewed by many people simultaneously. This fact has allowed the spread of information to process very quickly.

Each door in Hive City leads to a small extra dimensional pocket room within the Weird. Some of these rooms may be small in size, seemingly fitting into the space that might belong inside one of Hive Cities great towers. However, other rooms may lead to vast halls or even outdoor gathering places where people assemble in their ghostly Weird avatar forms to speak to one another.

However opening a door and entering its room is not always as simple as it may seem. Although some doors lead to public places, which can easily accessed by anyone, simply by opening the door, many do not. Some doors may even lead to multiple spaces. It takes several valuable pieces of information to use one of these portals.

The three vital pieces of information needed to open a given portal (that isn't accessible to the public) are:
1) The doors location within The Weird - knowing the location of the door within Hive City is a must. Some doors are very hard to find, but knowing its location (a coordinate on a 3 dimensional map) allows any individual within the Weird to travel to that location by thought, simply willing oneself to the location of the door.
2) The name of the doors destination - when opening a door, the individual must know the name of the location to which the door leads and must have that name in their mind when opening it.
3) The key - many doors are locked. It is a simple fact that many locations are not meant to be open by those who do not possess the key. A key within the Weird manifests through the knowledge of a password. When an individual who understands the password to a certain door and enters the Weird, an actual key manifests on their body which can be used to open the door. However some door keys are fake - knowledge of a powerful fake password causes a false key to manifest. Individuals who possess and mistakenly use fake keys often suffer horrible fates.

The world of Hive City is ever expanding. The city itself has a boundary, but this boundary is ever growing larger as information continues to enter into Hive City and new towers must be constructed.

From the last few posts I have provided a basic look at how I have created a fantasy style Internet in my campaign setting. This information might be helpful to those who would like to make similar constructs in their own campaign worlds. In my next post, Ill provide a few adventure hooks for people who might be interested in using something like this in an adventure, but don't know how.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accessing the aberrant internet with chibi mind flayers

Yes, things keep getting weirder and weirder in this discussion, but hopefully today, after a little explanation things might be a little less murky. Last time I mentioned how PC's could access the aberrant Internet of my D&D campaign world through the use of mind flayer babies. I guess they aren't really mind flayer babies in the sense of breeding, but they certainly look like it. What would happen if you took the legs and arms and body off of a mind flayer... well, I guess you would have a squid, but what if that squid had a strange psychic connection to a great network of other so linked squid-like-creatures and could symbiotically bond with other races to allow the linked creature to explore and communicate in this distinct and totally different universe, that is known as hive city? You would have a Modum.

The Modum are an aberrant race of creatures in my campaign world which came to the material plane aboard the giant meteor which crashed Milena ago (along with other, less friendly creatures which I might talk about later). The Modum seemed to be an entirely stupid and peculiar race of creature. They appear to be a type of land based squid, with similar features to that of the infamous mind flayer, but lacking the lower body and appendages. A full grown Modum might be only 30 cm long. Modum are incredibly slow creatures; although they are capable of hovering slightly over the ground, they essentially drag along at barely above a snails pace, which makes them very, very easy to catch.

Modums themselves have virtually no combat capabilities of any kind either. They do not have any powers or attacks and by all accounts are virtually harmless. The only thing that helps maintain their population levels is the fact that they cannot be eaten. A Modum's body and blood is extremely poisonous and so most animals and other creatures avoid them fiercely; they taste horrible to everything and eating one poses a greater threat than simply ignoring it. However, some Modums, though lacking combat abilities, do possess some ability at teleportation, which they use profusely in order to preserver their life if threatened.

Modums do not have any fear of being possessed by an individual. In fact, most Modums will actively seek out an individual to "bond with". The reasons for this are unclear, but some have considered that Modums actually feed off of the act of communication and it provides them with an odd form of nutritional sustenance. The bonding process occurs by placing the Modum at the base of the skull and allowing the modum to affix its tentacles to the bonded's brain - although some people have considered the process to be very disturbing and disgusting to watch- it is actually quite painless and leaves very little after effects. The Modums tentacles possess a type of anesthetic which helps to totally take all sensation out of the process and also to help isolate the bonded during the process of crossing over into Hive City in the Weird. While in the Weird, the bonded's body is more or less helpless, but simply thinking of rejecting or ending the bonding process, the Modum will relax and disconnect, severing the bond and allowing the individual to regain freedom of movement and return their consciousness to the material world.

Some magical scholars have likened Modums to a cross between pets and Ioun stones. They require very little upkeep and the level of the Modum is very much tied with color. Every Modums color is quite different, some colors of Modums being quite rare. The color of the Modum indicates what kinds of activities/abilities the bonded will possess inside the weird. The most common, light brown Modums, simply allow the bonded to send their avatar into and out of the Weird granting access to Hive City and allow the bonded to interact with the environment there, i.e. moving about, reading and finding tomes of information, opening and closing doors, and entering rooms.The most powerful Modums, which are actually capable of granting the ability to shape the entire world of Hive City are extremely rare. Most of these creatures are extremely hard to find and possess no material price.

Next time, I'll talk about the world that Modums allow access to and describe more fully exactly what Hive City has to offer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A great man passes.. farewell Satoshi Kon

I heard through the grape vine that the great Satoshi Kon has passed away. To me, this was a huge shock. I grew up watching some of his more famous pieces, specifically the fantastic film Perfect Blue. Paprika, among his later works, ranks in my favorite anime films of all times. He was truly an inspiration to many and will be greatly missed.

The Aberrant and Normal Internet

In my current attempt at putting a version of the Internet into my D&D game, allowing the player characters to utilize it is a tool in their adventures, it is first necessary to break down and describe what the Internet really is conceptually speaking. So, what is the Internet? Some people might say it is simply a wretched hive of scum and villainy; others mights say that it serves but a singular purpose: for porn. However, in my mind, the Internet is simply a place where information can be stored and shared.

So, if the Internet is a place for information sharing, how can the Internet be broken down from what we have today, a complex network of bit and bytes flying about an huge interconnected spiderweb of fiber-optics into something that makes sense from a D&D perspective in a fantasy world.

In the homebrew world that I am envisioning, the Internet can be viewed as a great ethereal city which for now, I'll dub "The Hive" (cus some people might just be right about it being filled with scum and villains). This city is actually a part of the Weird itself. Any area where weird energy is present in the world presents the opportunity to access this city and explore its contents. However, there is a problem.

How do you gain access to the Internet without electricity or computers. In this case, how do you gain access to the weird?

I'm going to do it with Mind Flayer Babies... kind of... but that will come next time. In future posts, I'll explain methods of access to this city, and what the city is like; finally, I'll provide information about how I intend to use this aberrant Internet in my adventures in this world and maybe if I am feeling generous (and have the time) I'll write up some adventure hooks.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weird ... an Aberrant Internet

When I got to thinking about building a campaign world a couple of years ago, when I was in Japan as a student and had lots of time on my hands to watch anime and play D&D, I was really interested in incorporating a wide and eclectic range of archetypal anime constructs into my D&D world. I had thought about Samurai, Giant Robots, Ninjas, both ageless and forgotten weapons and futuristic ones as well. But the hard part becomes: how do you incorporate all of theses disparate elements into a single campaign world without throwing the balance curve totally out of whack??? It is a good question and I hope that the solution I have come up with will help to illustrate one possible way to solve this problem.

My idea: Reinvent the wheel. Or, in this case, magic.

When people look at D&D from the traditional sense, you really only think of two different kinds of magic - Divine and Arcane. If you get into the Psionic thing, maybe you could say that is another, but then again, not really. With the new 4e way of doing "powers" from power sources, just about anything can become a power source, if you are creative enough. Arcane magic, divine magic both become power sources to help fuel character powers.

It seems to me what is needed is a new power source that can do something similar, but not necessarily for characters - the world needs a power source as well. In the Eberron campaign setting, the use of magical technology is quite widespread, especially when it comes to the world of transportation, but for me, I have always had a little demon on my shoulder who hated this kind of presentation, for one simple reason: my 3rd edition exposure to anti-magic spells and areas where anti-magic fields are present has scarred me for life.

So, my solution, as far as technology is concerned, was to reinvent magic, and make a new kind of power source for my world. This power source, I have dubbed...

(please note, the above is a working title)

Here is a little background for how "The Weird" has come to exist in my campaign world:


Milena ago, a meteor crashed into the material plane from the far realm. Some believe that this meteor crashed into the world after being pulled through a portal in the heavens, other believe it hurled across the stars for thousands of years before striking into the world. Its coming changed the entire face of the land, literally toppling mountains and destroying civilizations, but after Milena of rebuilding, the world has begun anew and is advancing at a much faster pace toward a new, much grander civilization; in part, the meteor can be thanked for this. From the epicenter, where the great rock came hurtling from the sky, a new type of energy began radiating and penetrating the world - this energy, which the people of the planet have dubbed "The Weird" has been found to have a myriad of strange powers, similar to our conceptions of divine and arcane magic, but different entirely at the same time. Harnessing this power, and discerning its myriad uses, has become the work of many of the most eminent scholars across the material planes; it may have even become the new interest of the gods themselves.


So, you might ask, how does this thing I call "The Weird" have anything to do with the Internet... well, that Is something you will have to wait for until next time, when I explain how "The Weird" works.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Internet in my D&D Homebrew Setting

In a recent post, I mentioned that I recently moved back to Japan and have settled in, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, a few hours from Tokyo and an hour or so away from Mt. Fuji. What I failed to make clear is in what condition this move was made, the biggest hurdle... NO INTERNET FOR TWO MONTHS!!! That is right, from the time I moved here, until now, I have had not internet access at my home and probably still wont have access there for quite some time, at least another three weeks, but possibly even another month all together.

My distinct limitation of internet access to my work computer, which unfortunately, block all traffic to websites that have any large connection to the word "game" has really gotten me to think about how people must have lived prior to internet access (not a bad line of reasoning when it comes to people trying to DM fantasy role playing games...), not on any philosophical or even highly practical level. Basically, I have been reading a lot more books, a lot more. I have shredded through about 6 novels in the last 3 weeks. Some good, some bad, some inspiring.

I have found a newfound interest in a classic Science Fiction writer that I am sure most people here, on the interent, are familiar with... William Gibson. The guy wrote some really good stuff, to be really blunt and simple. I started with the classic, Neuromancer, and I have been going from there. But, in all honesty, I think his new novel, Spook Country, was really, really interesting. In this book, the setting is more present day than in his past works, and more realistic, though still pushing the limit of cutting edge a bit beyond what we have realized in the year 2010. However, it was his subject matter, that of information and the control of it, to create important and valuable secrets that I found fascinating and inspiring.

This got me thinking, given that I like somewhat of a technological bent in my campaign worlds, especially the ones I have worked on in the past, how could I implement a fantastic version of something akin to the internet into a fantasy roleplaying setting? So, this is what I have started working on and will continue to work on into the distant future. In tomorrow's post, I'll explain some of the background to my homebrew world, updating some of the past work that I have done through Obsidian Portal, and talking about how i will incorporate this fantasy style internet into my campaign world.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new game approaches... in the world of ...

As I mentioned in an earlier post this month, I am back in Japan again, which turns out, is one of the few places I can actually ever find games of Dungeons and Dragons to play in or lead. So, let me give a little background on my situation this time around.

As some people who may have followed my blog in the past know, at one point, I was studying Japanese at a university in Chiba, Japan. This school, not far from Tokyo, offered a lot, but not too many opportunities to get in a game of my favorite hobby. At that time, I started this blog, and started really immersing myself in 4e D&D. I ran a game out of my dorm room for some friends of mine and I also travelled quite a long distance to play in a regular game a few times with some really cool people from all around the world.

This time around, I am in Japan on totally different terms. I have a family now, but I also have a salary, something that will be great for picking up books and dice here at the ridiculously overpriced Japanese game shops. I am teaching English at a high school in Yamanashi-ken, the area around Mt. Fuji. It is quite the beautiful area and rife with new inspiration for world building and adventure creation.

Last week after talking with some other ALT's (Assistant Language Teachers) in the near vicinity, I was informed of a particular web forum which is available to teachers in this area and OOOOHHHHHH how my eyes have been opened. There is a long running game on Tuesdays which has been running in the area and there are plenty of players there who would love to get into another game...

So! I will be running my first campaign in quite some time out of my house. This forebodes to be both an interesting and challenging experience. Here are some of the reasons why...

1) We will be playing with players of vastly different experience levels and even language abilities - some of our players are Japanese speakers, others speak English. It will be really interesting playing D&D not in my native language.
2) We will be playing at my house with my kid around - he is great and all, but the little whipper snapper is only old enough to stand up, much less play D&D (but on a side note, I did get him to throw a massive D20 at a few of the D&D encounter games I attended this summer).
3) We will be playing in my homebrew setting - a setting which has yet to take full form (i am still getting a lot of it on paper).

These challenges will most likely be the subject of many future blog posts here. I hope that you find them interesting and helpful in some way to your own personal games. I will probably be blogging significantly about the campaign setting as it takes shape. I am bringing back to life the game world I started working on some time ago, but re-envisioning it quite a bit.

Also, I will be working with Stargazer and friends at Stargazers world on their blog quite a bit in the near future and will be doing another series over there about being a gamer in Japan, but under these very different circumstances. I hope that you will all enjoy it.

Good to be back

Monday, August 2, 2010

In Japan - The Blog Starts Again

So, I am finally back in Japan. I got a new posting teaching English in the region around Mt. Fuji. It should be an interesting experience. I haven't really lived in such a rural area, unless you count the 20 years I spent growing up in the middle of nowhere, southern california. The town i live in has very little in the way of entertainment ammenities. There is a bowling alley, and there are places to drink, but other than that, it is pretty much a small wine and fruit growing town. However! This will give me some serious time to dedicate myself, once again, to my blog, my baby, and hopefully to some new DnD content.