Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Aberrant and Normal Internet

In my current attempt at putting a version of the Internet into my D&D game, allowing the player characters to utilize it is a tool in their adventures, it is first necessary to break down and describe what the Internet really is conceptually speaking. So, what is the Internet? Some people might say it is simply a wretched hive of scum and villainy; others mights say that it serves but a singular purpose: for porn. However, in my mind, the Internet is simply a place where information can be stored and shared.

So, if the Internet is a place for information sharing, how can the Internet be broken down from what we have today, a complex network of bit and bytes flying about an huge interconnected spiderweb of fiber-optics into something that makes sense from a D&D perspective in a fantasy world.

In the homebrew world that I am envisioning, the Internet can be viewed as a great ethereal city which for now, I'll dub "The Hive" (cus some people might just be right about it being filled with scum and villains). This city is actually a part of the Weird itself. Any area where weird energy is present in the world presents the opportunity to access this city and explore its contents. However, there is a problem.

How do you gain access to the Internet without electricity or computers. In this case, how do you gain access to the weird?

I'm going to do it with Mind Flayer Babies... kind of... but that will come next time. In future posts, I'll explain methods of access to this city, and what the city is like; finally, I'll provide information about how I intend to use this aberrant Internet in my adventures in this world and maybe if I am feeling generous (and have the time) I'll write up some adventure hooks.

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