Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accessing the aberrant internet with chibi mind flayers

Yes, things keep getting weirder and weirder in this discussion, but hopefully today, after a little explanation things might be a little less murky. Last time I mentioned how PC's could access the aberrant Internet of my D&D campaign world through the use of mind flayer babies. I guess they aren't really mind flayer babies in the sense of breeding, but they certainly look like it. What would happen if you took the legs and arms and body off of a mind flayer... well, I guess you would have a squid, but what if that squid had a strange psychic connection to a great network of other so linked squid-like-creatures and could symbiotically bond with other races to allow the linked creature to explore and communicate in this distinct and totally different universe, that is known as hive city? You would have a Modum.

The Modum are an aberrant race of creatures in my campaign world which came to the material plane aboard the giant meteor which crashed Milena ago (along with other, less friendly creatures which I might talk about later). The Modum seemed to be an entirely stupid and peculiar race of creature. They appear to be a type of land based squid, with similar features to that of the infamous mind flayer, but lacking the lower body and appendages. A full grown Modum might be only 30 cm long. Modum are incredibly slow creatures; although they are capable of hovering slightly over the ground, they essentially drag along at barely above a snails pace, which makes them very, very easy to catch.

Modums themselves have virtually no combat capabilities of any kind either. They do not have any powers or attacks and by all accounts are virtually harmless. The only thing that helps maintain their population levels is the fact that they cannot be eaten. A Modum's body and blood is extremely poisonous and so most animals and other creatures avoid them fiercely; they taste horrible to everything and eating one poses a greater threat than simply ignoring it. However, some Modums, though lacking combat abilities, do possess some ability at teleportation, which they use profusely in order to preserver their life if threatened.

Modums do not have any fear of being possessed by an individual. In fact, most Modums will actively seek out an individual to "bond with". The reasons for this are unclear, but some have considered that Modums actually feed off of the act of communication and it provides them with an odd form of nutritional sustenance. The bonding process occurs by placing the Modum at the base of the skull and allowing the modum to affix its tentacles to the bonded's brain - although some people have considered the process to be very disturbing and disgusting to watch- it is actually quite painless and leaves very little after effects. The Modums tentacles possess a type of anesthetic which helps to totally take all sensation out of the process and also to help isolate the bonded during the process of crossing over into Hive City in the Weird. While in the Weird, the bonded's body is more or less helpless, but simply thinking of rejecting or ending the bonding process, the Modum will relax and disconnect, severing the bond and allowing the individual to regain freedom of movement and return their consciousness to the material world.

Some magical scholars have likened Modums to a cross between pets and Ioun stones. They require very little upkeep and the level of the Modum is very much tied with color. Every Modums color is quite different, some colors of Modums being quite rare. The color of the Modum indicates what kinds of activities/abilities the bonded will possess inside the weird. The most common, light brown Modums, simply allow the bonded to send their avatar into and out of the Weird granting access to Hive City and allow the bonded to interact with the environment there, i.e. moving about, reading and finding tomes of information, opening and closing doors, and entering rooms.The most powerful Modums, which are actually capable of granting the ability to shape the entire world of Hive City are extremely rare. Most of these creatures are extremely hard to find and possess no material price.

Next time, I'll talk about the world that Modums allow access to and describe more fully exactly what Hive City has to offer.

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