Friday, August 27, 2010

Adventure Hooks for the Aberrant Internet

So, a lot of people might have read the last few posts about the fantasy style Internet that I have been building in the last few entries and wondered to themselves... why? sure, it might be interesting to have in your game, but what is the point? How would I actually make this an important or at least interesting part of my game world.

So, I am feeling generous and I thought I would write up some adventure hooks which you could use (and one or two of which I might be using) in an upcoming game when starting a new adventure.

Hook #1 - Find my lost Modum

Modums are precious to many people and for an individual that relies on the world of Hive City to stay up to date on all the latest information, or even might be using that world for less than honest purposes, finding a lost or stolen Modum might be a very high priority for many individuals. This hook could potentially be used at many different levels, ranging from heroic, even to epic tier, as it pits the adventurers against a force of unknown individuals or creatures or unknown level. The Modum in question, would most likely have powers and rarity associated with the level to which the adventure plays out.

Hook #2 - Gain Access to a Room

Some rooms might hold very rare and hidden information, or even be the place where more precious and unique items are stored. Gaining access to a specific room is akin to a treasure hunt for information. Finding out where the door is, finding out where it leads, and gaining a key could be a small or even long adventure unto itself and again can be played out at a number of levels. Maybe the PCs need to track down an individual who is known to possess that information or, perhaps, they need to find it engraved in the bottom of a dungeon.

Hook #3 - A Hive City Meeting

Hive City provides anonymity to those who are willing to purchase a Modum powerful enough. Meeting an individual in Hive City may be a very interesting and tricky way to start an adventure filled with hidden identities and spy tactics.

Hook #4 - A Hive Infested

Hive City has never been a place where monsters exist. It is a realm of a strange ghostly entities there to communicate... but what happens when monsters start showing up in Hive City and devouring the spirits of the people in Hive City, then those individuals wind up dead in the real world... what will happen. This may be an adventure worthy of upper paragon or even Epic Tiers.

Hook #5 - The Hive is Falling Apart

What would happen were Hive City to collapse - the consequences might be tremendous. Stopping its destruction could be something a group of Epic level PCs would relish taking part in.

These are just some potential ideas. Maybe there will be more coming later. In the future, Ill talk a little bit about history in the setting; I'll give a sample of how the races have changed, comparing dwarves in this setting to dwarves in dark sun; I'll talk about the different types of technology in the setting and how views on magic have changed.

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