Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Internet in my D&D Homebrew Setting

In a recent post, I mentioned that I recently moved back to Japan and have settled in, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, a few hours from Tokyo and an hour or so away from Mt. Fuji. What I failed to make clear is in what condition this move was made, the biggest hurdle... NO INTERNET FOR TWO MONTHS!!! That is right, from the time I moved here, until now, I have had not internet access at my home and probably still wont have access there for quite some time, at least another three weeks, but possibly even another month all together.

My distinct limitation of internet access to my work computer, which unfortunately, block all traffic to websites that have any large connection to the word "game" has really gotten me to think about how people must have lived prior to internet access (not a bad line of reasoning when it comes to people trying to DM fantasy role playing games...), not on any philosophical or even highly practical level. Basically, I have been reading a lot more books, a lot more. I have shredded through about 6 novels in the last 3 weeks. Some good, some bad, some inspiring.

I have found a newfound interest in a classic Science Fiction writer that I am sure most people here, on the interent, are familiar with... William Gibson. The guy wrote some really good stuff, to be really blunt and simple. I started with the classic, Neuromancer, and I have been going from there. But, in all honesty, I think his new novel, Spook Country, was really, really interesting. In this book, the setting is more present day than in his past works, and more realistic, though still pushing the limit of cutting edge a bit beyond what we have realized in the year 2010. However, it was his subject matter, that of information and the control of it, to create important and valuable secrets that I found fascinating and inspiring.

This got me thinking, given that I like somewhat of a technological bent in my campaign worlds, especially the ones I have worked on in the past, how could I implement a fantastic version of something akin to the internet into a fantasy roleplaying setting? So, this is what I have started working on and will continue to work on into the distant future. In tomorrow's post, I'll explain some of the background to my homebrew world, updating some of the past work that I have done through Obsidian Portal, and talking about how i will incorporate this fantasy style internet into my campaign world.

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