Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new game approaches... in the world of ...

As I mentioned in an earlier post this month, I am back in Japan again, which turns out, is one of the few places I can actually ever find games of Dungeons and Dragons to play in or lead. So, let me give a little background on my situation this time around.

As some people who may have followed my blog in the past know, at one point, I was studying Japanese at a university in Chiba, Japan. This school, not far from Tokyo, offered a lot, but not too many opportunities to get in a game of my favorite hobby. At that time, I started this blog, and started really immersing myself in 4e D&D. I ran a game out of my dorm room for some friends of mine and I also travelled quite a long distance to play in a regular game a few times with some really cool people from all around the world.

This time around, I am in Japan on totally different terms. I have a family now, but I also have a salary, something that will be great for picking up books and dice here at the ridiculously overpriced Japanese game shops. I am teaching English at a high school in Yamanashi-ken, the area around Mt. Fuji. It is quite the beautiful area and rife with new inspiration for world building and adventure creation.

Last week after talking with some other ALT's (Assistant Language Teachers) in the near vicinity, I was informed of a particular web forum which is available to teachers in this area and OOOOHHHHHH how my eyes have been opened. There is a long running game on Tuesdays which has been running in the area and there are plenty of players there who would love to get into another game...

So! I will be running my first campaign in quite some time out of my house. This forebodes to be both an interesting and challenging experience. Here are some of the reasons why...

1) We will be playing with players of vastly different experience levels and even language abilities - some of our players are Japanese speakers, others speak English. It will be really interesting playing D&D not in my native language.
2) We will be playing at my house with my kid around - he is great and all, but the little whipper snapper is only old enough to stand up, much less play D&D (but on a side note, I did get him to throw a massive D20 at a few of the D&D encounter games I attended this summer).
3) We will be playing in my homebrew setting - a setting which has yet to take full form (i am still getting a lot of it on paper).

These challenges will most likely be the subject of many future blog posts here. I hope that you find them interesting and helpful in some way to your own personal games. I will probably be blogging significantly about the campaign setting as it takes shape. I am bringing back to life the game world I started working on some time ago, but re-envisioning it quite a bit.

Also, I will be working with Stargazer and friends at Stargazers world on their blog quite a bit in the near future and will be doing another series over there about being a gamer in Japan, but under these very different circumstances. I hope that you will all enjoy it.

Good to be back

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