Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Campaign Begins Pt. 2

The campaign begins with all the players assembled on a train platform in Half-way Heights, a small village on the main line bound for Kalm, the capital city of Jiyuland. Each player has his or her own reason to be there; some of them know each-other already or have had dealings in the past, but they haven't been journeying together as a group up until now.

The platform itself is very long. At one end, a great purple tent has been erected and is guarded by two humans wearing full plate and wielding long muskets. Every once in a while, a cloaked individual walks up, waits for a moment before the guards, and enters the tent. On the other end of the platform, a group of cloaked figures are milling about, making no attempt at hiding, amongst the cargo to be boarded on the train. Their are about two dozen people on the platform. Most of them look like middle class merchants or craftsman, traveling with their children and families. The other people on the platform look like station workers and are all trying to keep busy, or at least look busy.

The train, which was supposed to arrive is running very late. The Station Master, a Goliath in a dark blue suit, red tie, and constantly looking at a golden pocketwatch, is pacing around the platform and looking very nervice. His brow is covered in sweat.

At this point the players begin their actions. I'll talk about what they did in the next post.

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