Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Campaign Begins Pt. 3

In my last campaign report, we talked about setting the scene for play. Today, we will talk about what the players revealed about that setting and then on.

So, I tell the players... what do you want to do?
Everyone has their own ideas. This is good. Different ideas, in a time like this, get the most information.

One of our players, I forget exactly who, walks up to the Goliath Station Master and inquires about the train that is supposed to have arrived at Half-way height by now. She rolls very well and he politely tells her that the train that was supposed to arrive here had been stopped and that they were bringing down a smaller train from the mountains to head to Kalm. The new train is a bit older and designed for mainly for freight, it is much slower so it is taking its time.

Next our Dwarf Battlemind, a noble of the Dwarf clans, walks over to the first class tent and is stopped by the guards. They explain that the first class car is for Nobility only... Dwarf flashes his signet ring. The guards immediately give him a quite bit more respect and ask him for the ticket fee of 1000 Gold. That is a little too much for our dwarf (only level 5) and he returns to the standard car.

Our halfling, heads over to the freight area. She notices, with a great perception check, that the people in cloaks are actually very well armed and armored. They are a group of elves and they mean business. She asks them how they are doing and they greet her politely, but when she tries to get more information out of them, she has a bit more difficulty and they tell her to 'politely' make herself scarce.

With that, conversation breaks out amongst some of the players while our Half-Elf Revanant busts out his guitar and starts to play a tune on the platform. He earns a couple of gold pieces for his trouble. After a couple of hours, the train pulls into the platform. It is a Big Iron Beast with, "THE HAMMER", written in big block letters on the front engine of the train. The train has three cars, besides the engine itself, each of which is about 50-60 feet long. The front car looks like it is well fortified and has bars over all the windows. The middle car looks like a converted cattle car with big windows carved out of the sides. The third car is a bit over sized and is defined for freight. It doesn't look highly fortified and it has no windows. Each car has a pair of ladders near the entry doors between cars and another ladder on the outside leading up to the top.

The station attendants get to work, quickly loading up the freight car and all the passengers hurry to board the train and claim what little seats there might be in preparation for a long trip to Kalm. It will take several days and this train has no individual rooms or sleeping cars.

Next time, we will find out what happens on the train itself. Stay tuned.

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