Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sickness and Creation

So, I have been out for the past few days with the flu. It has been a real bummer, but it has given me days, upon days, to ponder... I have been listening to old D&D podcasts over and over and gaining inspiration. It has been an enjoyable and restful experience. Now, I am ready to hit the books again, my books, and get back to work on creating and filling out this campaign setting of mine, that has been the focus of most of my efforts over the last few weeks, in preparation for the big campaign that is coming up. It should be a rewarding experience at the least, to get more of it down onto digital paper, from my notebook of ideas. I hope that some people are looking forward to new editions as they come out.

Also, there will be a new post up on Stargazer's World coming out, about the Gamer in Japan and his return to the far east under very different circumstances than when he was there the last time.

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