Monday, September 27, 2010

Vampire the Masquerade - My First Try.

One of the player's in my running D&D campaign is a long time player of Vampire the Masquerade. He has been playing the game for a long, long time with a LARP group in Scottland. I asked him about it after our Thursday game and I found the entire thing fascinating. At some point, I want to get him to talk about the game here, on the blog. He made the game sound so interesting that I went out and got myself a copy of the book and looked for somewhere online to play the game. I managed to find a group that was willing to accept a new player to the game and so now, I am trying my hand at some serious Vampire role-playing. So far, I have been reading the book from cover to cover and have been making my character. I'll talk about my character in a near future post. Wish me luck.

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