Tuesday, September 21, 2010

XDMC #22 - My Return to the Wizards Forum Contests

I have taken a loooooooooooonnng vacation from doing any of the myriad forum contests over on the Wizards forums, but I threw in my hat on this round. It was a lot of fun rolling up this entry; if you don't know, the Expert Dungeon Master Competition is a fun way of competing in a creative way against other DM's who share in the desire to create new stuff for the DnD hobby. It is a lot of fun. I have made many entries in this competition in the past. This one was a joy. The theme this round is the Subverting Villain. Get over to the Wizards of the Coast forums and get an entry of your own into the pile. The contest is open until October 1st. The guys there, especially Wrecan, are very good about getting results back in a timely manner as well. Get over there! GO!! Check it out. I will post up my entry here once the results from the competition is in.

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