Friday, October 29, 2010

Multiple Weapon and Armor Enchantments in 4e pt. 3

In the pat I have discussed the process of putting multiple weapon and armor enchantments on a single piece of gear. Today, I will get down to the crunch and explain my homebrew rule for making this possible.

Combining weapon and armor enchantments is very similar to Multi-classing in the most basic 4e form. The first thing you will do is do is determine the base item. In other words, you must first select a piece of magical armor, or a magic weapon, which you want to put an additional enchantment on.

You can put any secondary enchantment onto a piece of gear as long as that enchantment would be legal if it were the first. In other words, you can’t put an enchantment that requires the gear to be cloth armor, when putting it on a piece of plate. This follows the standard rules for enchanting items.

You can only put secondary or tertiary enchantments on weapons of higher level. In other words, the base weapon’s enchantment level must be higher than whatever enchantment you are putting on the weapon or armor.

The cost to put a secondary or tertiary enchantment is reduced by 25%.

Enhancement bonuses from enchantments do not stack, you always use the highest enhancement bonus from either enchantment.

In the case of weapons, always use the enhancement bonus with the highest critical high bonus.

All properties from any enchantments on the weapon or armor always remain active. Regardless of the number of enchantments on a piece of armor or a weapon, the properties on that piece of equipment are always ON.

Weapon powers are limited in the following ways.
At-Will and Encounter: When a piece of armor or a weapon has multiple at-will powers granted by different enchantments, regardless of the type of action, you can only use the at-will power of one weapon per round. In other words, you must designate which weapon you will make at-will and encounter powers with during that round. When you spend an action point, you may use a power from a different enchantment.

Daily: When a piece of armor or a weapon has multiple daily powers granted by different enchantments, regardless of the type of action, you can only use one daily power per encounter.


  1. Nice, but prone to exploits imho
    I don't have any examples, but with so many magical items, i'm sure it can be done

    A few ideas came to me while reading, but as before, prone to exploits :

    Combining enchantments - must choose to add either a property, or a power
    But cannot gain both properties or both dailies

    ex.: weapon without a property can gain one by multiple enchantment, but does not add the power of the second enchantment

    ex : weapon without a power can gain one by multiple enchantment, but not the property of the second enchantment

    ex. weapon with a power and property, can change one or the other by multiple enchantement but does not have multiple properties or powers


    Let the items gain both properties, but Players must choose which is "active" at every short rest.
    Let the items gain both powers, but Players must choose between powers at every long rest

    On the last line, for magical item use, it's 1 per long rest per tier (1/heroic, 2/paragon and 3/epic)

    (also : typo on first line, "in the pat.." )

  2. thanks for the feedback. if you happen to play test my rules for this in your game, I would love it if you posted your feedback here. Thanks!