Saturday, October 30, 2010

Session 2 Adventure Report Pt. 1

Last Sunday we had our second play session of the campaign. You will recall that in the last session, our players, all 7 of them, waited patiently for a late train taking them to the capital of Jiyuland, the city of Kalm; they didn't know each other very well and took the late train as an opportunity to get to know one another. When the train finally arrived, and got under way, they were attacked in the middle of the night by a raiding party of Orcs on Motorcycles throwing firebombs at the train; inside they fought and defeated these raiders, saving a young girl in the process. But, the train is still under attack. How will they proceed?


The players were confronted with two choices, head backwards to the cargo car, or head forwards into the first class car. They chose to head forwards, moving towards the front of the train, but not before taking a peak up on top. Sending the ranger to take a look, the party was able to discern that there was something big and mean sitting on the top of the train. They weren't sure what it was, but they decided to head inside instead of taking it on first, but before doing that, they also took a look towards the back and found ANOTHER TRAIN, which had crept up from behind. It was also very big, mean, and was sporting a gaping mouth, from which, it was no doubt spilling orcs (or was getting ready to eat the train they were on). This battle was something they didn't want to deal with at this point. Putting the minotaur to work, they pulled the pin which seperated the first class car from the rear two. Doing this resulted in a fairly loud crunch from the cargo car as it smashed into the boarding train's car (but that will have to be another story for the future).

Inside the first class car, they were met with a scene of pure carange. The first class cabin had been invaded by Orcs as well. Some of the first class passangers had been killed and were bleeding from their eyes and ears. Others were simply bound as if being readied for a kidnapping. The Orcs were ready for this encounter and were not suprised.

The encounter went fairly well. Now that the players had been accustomed to the idea of minions, they were able to take out the few minions that were identical to those found in the prior encounter; they went down quickly to a little Wizardly magic. The real meat of this encounter came from several Orc Duskblades that put their poisons and their falchions to good use against the players. The players found themselves taking fairly regular ongoing poison damage as well as being flanked by the Orcs who could hit pretty regularly and pretty hard. However, good tactics, and a daily power or two put the Orcs down.

Stay tuned for the Adventure Report Pt. 2 in which our players have to fight a ...

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