Sunday, October 31, 2010

Session 2 Adventure Report Pt. 2

The players had defeated the orcs and rescued the few remaining first class passengers that were still alive, but combat wasn't over yet and the players were still in initiative order. Two of the players decided to proceed through the first class car and out to the engine of the train. A history check by one of the player's revealed that they were probably getting fairly close to the border crossing into Jiyuland, and a rather large bridge, which may or may not still be there; the players were going to have to hurry. Getting through the train ended up being a little more difficult than originally expected. When two of the players entered the forward half, a head popped down from above the train and hit them with some psychic pain. Both the Halfling Rogue and the Dwarf Battlemind were dazed and taking ongoing psychic damage. Not a good way to start an encounter. A perception check by the rogue was enough to catch a glimpse of the beast when it pulled its dirty trick; they were fighting a Purple Dragon.

At this point, the party decided that it was best if they got the beast surrounded. The Dwarf went for it from the front of the train and the rest of the party fell back in order to stay away from the dragon breath trap. The rogue headed for the train engine to see if she could stop the train before it hit the bridge; what she found was a train conductor that had been imbedded in the controls by a rather mean wyrm. It was going to be a skill challenge for her to try to stop the train.

The rest of the party scaled the ladders attached to the train cars and made their way to the roof. It was the dead of night, but there was enough light to keep the fight going and to make out the shape of the young purple dragon which had been harassing them. The train was moving far too quickly for the young dragon to fly off the train, so it wasn't going to be an aerial battle.

However, the player's found that the dew slicken roof of a moving train was very hard to stand up on. At the beginning of every player's turn, if the player was standing, they had to make either an Acrobatics or an Athletics check to keep from falling prone - players that were prone already risked falling off the roof of the train.

In the beginning, the fight was firmly in the player's favor. The battlemind was able to blind the dragon before it got to take its initiative pass, which left it swiping blindly in thin air for the first round. However, several of the players fell down and weren't able to get into B2B with the dragon in order to make full attacks. Also, with the rogue occupied with stopping the train, they were a halfling short of combatants.

In Round 2, the dragon became unblinded and got really mad. The battlemind which had up to this point been treating the poor little purple dragon like a punching bag, became the target of the dragon's domination effect. Now, the dwarf would be fighting the Minotaur Barbarian with the big and painful axe. The rest of the party took a psychic breath to the face and was severly injurred and dazed. In subsequent rounds, the dragon spent all of its action points, stunning more than half the party and beating the hell of them with its claws and tail.

The wizard took a tumble off the roof of the train but was able to grab onto the train at its base with his legs dragging along the ground, taking some serious damage.

By the end of the combat, two of the players were knocked unconcious, but a victory push and a few burst heals later, the dragon was dead and the rogue was able to stop the train, just a few hundred meters from the bridge, which, just as the characters had suspected had been taken out.

What will they do now? That is a good question, stay tuned for session 3 which will take place on November 14th.

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