Friday, October 1, 2010

Vampire The Masquerade: Frank Goodwin Pt. 2

Frank's Backstory

It was nearly midnight. The Lear Jet which had been provided for him was sitting on the Runway at Narita Airport. His paperwork had all been forged and a new passport had been prepared for his first trip back to the United States in over 60 years. Even with all of the special allowances made for him, he would need them to get through US customs at LAX. Frank’s Mercedes pulled up next to the plane and his driver, a Ghoul and servant of the elders, got out and opened his door. He bowed very low, a bow usually reserved when making an apology and waited for Frank to get out of the car.

“All the preparations have been made Sir. Please enjoy your trip.”

Frank got out and thanked the man for all of his hard work then made his way from the car up the steps to the plane. He couldn’t help but look over his shoulders as he was making even the short trip between the car and the plane. His compulsion kept him careful. He made one more look around at Narita airport, making sure that he was not followed and that nobody would come out to unpleasantly block his departure. Assured to himself he flicked his lit cigarette onto the tarmac and boarded the plane.

The Jet was very well suited to his tastes. He would have no trouble enjoying the trip. The plane was staffed entirely with kine servants of the Yakuza. He would have no problems maintaining the masquerade aboard this flight. He would not need to worry about sunlight pouring in through the windows and turning him to dust and ashes. This plane had been specially outfitted to move kindred quickly around the globe, even during daylight hours. There were several large leather couches and a table outfitted with fine Japanese dining ware. A chandelier hung from the ceiling providing pleasant mood lining to the cabin.
Onboard the plane, he was greeted by one of the Yakuza’s kine servants. She bowed to him as he entered the plane.

“Sir, all your bags have been loaded and we are ready to leave whenever you are,” she said in perfect English, “a meal has been prepared for your flight Sir. We hope that it suits your discerning pallet.”

Frank looked to the end of the long oaken dining table. A Japanese girl, probably in her early twenties was sitting unconscious at the end of the table. The girl’s face was very pretty. She had the fantastic fire of youth inside her. Her hair was black and styled in the most recent fashion. She was wearing a long red dress, not something that she would have purchased; it was far too expensive. She had obviously been drugged and brought here for his inflight meal. He was glad he would have something fresh on the long trip, but he would have to wait in order to feed. He was far too worried about what drugs they had given to her and would not be able to sink his teeth into this luscious kine until the drugs had somewhat left her system.

Frank hurried to one of the bathrooms and washed his hands and face. He wanted to clean up before take-off. He could feel the dark circles under his eyes; they had gotten so bad that he could actually feel them now. He wondered how long it was since he had slept a night all the way through. The nightmares had plagued him since his embrace. At first, they would stir him in his sleep, but lately, they had grown as powerful as to forcefully wake him and then he would not again be able to shut his eyes. Each time, the nightmares would come to him differently. They always showed him new images of fear and terror as though he were a kine being preyed upon him by other members of his clan.

The plane began to move, they had begun to taxi onto the runway. The flight plan had been approved by the tower and they were ready for Take-off. Frank left the bathroom and took a seat on one of the large leather couches and tried to close his eyes, but he would not let sleep take him.

The force of the plane taking off was enough to wake the sleeping girl. She began to fitfully wake up from her drug induced slumber. When she came to and her eyes opened, she looked extremely confused and frightened.

Frank got up and moved over to the table and took the seat opposite her.

“I’m sorry they frightened you honey. I guess they can be pretty rough sometimes. You look pretty startled, I guess you should be.” Frank pulled out a pack of Lucky Strikes from his Jacket pocket, lighting it with a match and dropped the spent match in the ashtray on the table.
“Would you like a cigarette? I love smoking.” The girl was almost hysterical, but Frank’s calming voice seemed to settle her down a little bit, but she didn’t’ seem to understand what he was saying. “Ah, you don’t speak English. That isn’t really a problem. We can continue in Japanese. Tabaco suimaska?” he asked this time in perfect Japanese. Frank’s long time spent living in the area around Tokyo; living with the Camarilla there had necessitated him learning the language, something he was able to quickly pick up.

Frank continued in Japanese. “Please, have a smoke, it will calm you down. On board this plane we can smoke all we want, one of the perks of traveling on a Lear Jet.” The girl nodded. Frank got up from his seat, walked to where she was sitting and placed a cigarette between her lips. She didn’t look at it. Her eyes were fixed on his. He lit it and moved back to his seat. The girl puffed on the cigarette very slowly but she managed to keep the ash from falling on her dress.
“I guess you might be wondering why you are here I suppose. Perhaps the people who brought you here may have shown a monstrous side of themselves when doing so. I wouldn’t blame them if they did. I guess you are probably wondering who I am and why you are here. We have a long flight ahead of us and I would guess whatever drugs they put in your system may still be there. So, I guess we should talk. No point in spoiling good company. Would you like something to eat? I need to eat as well. It is getting to be that time of the night for me.”

Frank hailed the kine stewardess and asked her to bring out some food. Some real food. They knew that he and his guest would need something solid to eat. They had been briefed. The stewardess brought in plates of very expensive Kobe beef with all the trimmings. It was a meal fit for the wealthiest classes, something that in Japan, Frank was privy to on a regular basis. This girl may have never tasted beef like this in her entire life. She put the food in front of them, but the girl looked apprehensive.

“Go ahead, it isn’t poisonous. If you aren’t going to eat, I’ll dig in myself.” Frank picked up a pair up his silverware. He cut off a piece of the steak and took a bite. It tasted like filth, literally. The Kobe beef tasted like cow manure. Frank knew this taste all too well. His body was special among the kindred; he was capable of consuming normal food, but it provided him no nourishment and on top of that, it always tasted like feces. He hated the taste, but something inside of him always compelled him to eat. He could never shake the urge to eat normal food, despite how palpably disgusting it was.

After Frank began to eat, the girl carefully took a few bites. It was obvious, despite her apprehension regarding her abduction, that she was enjoying it immensely.

Putting down his knife and fork, he began again. “While you eat, I guess I can tell you a little bit about myself. I hope it isn’t too shocking to you, but I’ll tell you right up front, I am a monster of sorts, what your kind would call a vampire.”

The girl choked on her steak, coughed, and looked up into Frank’s eyes. Whatever ease the Kobe beef had brought quickly disappeared.

“Sorry If I spoiled your appetite, but if I am going to have to be blunt with you because any story about me has to start at the beginning.” The girl simply stared. Tears seemed to be welling in her eyes, but she was too scared to let them out.

“So, let’s begin.”

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