Monday, October 4, 2010

Vampire The Masquerade: Frank Goodwin Pt. 5

Frank's Backstory Continued...

After she embraced me, I became a beast. I won’t tell you all the details of the transformation, it would simply horrify you. However, that moment, I lost my humanity and became one of the kindred. I felt a great amount of power welling inside me. She and I lay in that room for days. She had stalked up plenty of blood for my first meals and had prepared, well in advance, for the changes that would be coming in me. I can’t tell you how long we talked in that tatami cocoon of hers, and when I say talked, I mean communicated, because we spoke not a single word the entire time. She communicated to me through her mind, explaining all the disparate elements of Vampire society, about the vampire clans, and the Camarilla. She knew not only of the Camarilla in Japan, but also the Camarilla from around the world.

She told me, that her name was Aiko, a name meaning ‘deep red’. She was one of the outliers in the Japanese Camarilla. She had been sired by a European vampire of the Malkavian clan; this bloodline had, prior to that, never been present in the Japanese Camarilla. At first, she was viewed as a deviant and a lunatic, cursed by the hereditary derangement of her clan. She never knew her Sire; he embraced her and quickly left abandoning her. She told me that she lived in darkness, alone, for many years before she was brought into the fold and saved by the Camarilla. Aiko was a liability. She told me of how for years it was determined that she would almost certainly never be allowed to sire a childe of her own. The elders did not want to continue to spread the Malkavian blood among the Japanese people.

However, from the day I entered the Butterfly, she explained how she had taken interest in me, how she had seen me clearly. She told me that more than anything she wanted to make me her childe. She wanted to embrace me and make me one of the kindred. She had fallen in love with me. Over these ten years, she waited and waited, formulating a plan. Finally, she approached the Prince and made her plea and her proposal. She explained that in the coming years, the vampire clans would need an emissary to the outsiders. Japan had been defeated in its worldwide aspirations and would now be very much exposed to both Europe and America. She added that embracing a foreigner was something that nobody would want to do. The Japanese customs of the Camarilla forbid it, but for her, someone who was sired by a European, and a kindred who had already been defiled, it could be permitted for the sake of the Camarilla.
The Prince took the proposal into deep consideration. He found her arguments logical and agreed to the proposal. The clans allowed her to sire me, they allowed her to choose her childe and bring him into the kindred. I would become a blood-bond tool of the elders, living to serve them and act as an emissary to the Americans and to the European vampire clans.

I was introduced to the Prince and forced to drink of his blood, binding me to him. I would never be allowed to act outside of his interest. I was devoted to him wholly in mind and body. Then, they put me under Aiko’s tutelage to learn about Japanese language and culture. I was also introduced at that time to the Japanese underworld. There are many Yakuza in Japan. I am sure you know that. For many years the mob ruled the entire country, having hands in everything. They were even closely linked to the government and the police and were responsible for running the communists out of the country and slaughtering them mainstream. What you might not know is the level of control the Camarilla has over the Yakuza. Many Yakuza leaders are vampires. Many of the generals, lieutenants, and even the most basic solider are kindred.

My first introduction to the mob was under the needle. They informed me that becoming one of them would involve the tattooing of my body. I would be marked so that all would know me. I was told that to show any sign of pain would mean my death. I must withstand the needle every day in perfect silence. I was not allowed to speak, nor was I allowed to move. I must withstand. The strength of my blood helped me to do this, but I will admit that at times, it took every ounce of my will to keep from screaming out in pain as the needle was driven into my body. I would spend the next thirty years under the needle, spending hours every day on the mat having these images bound to my flesh. It was literally a painstaking process.

But I must interrupt this narrative to explain one of the most defining moments in my life as a Kindred, the day my sire died. Aiko was late one night, precisely a year after my embrace. She was supposed to come back to our haven after having her evening meal to instruct me in Japanese. She was late, very late, something totally uncharacteristic of her. I paced back and forth in our haven waiting for her to show, but there never came a sign. Finally, I lost all patience and the paranoia in me began to rise. I believed that she had been killed. Questions twisted inside this head of mine and I began to lose all sanity. I couldn’t take it. Finally, the door burst open and a messenger entered from the Prince. I had very little control and attacked him. We struggled on the floor for several minutes before he finally pulled out a stake, not unlike the one you just used on me, and he stabbed me in the heart. I lost the ability to move. He got up, shook himself off, then explained to me as slowly and clearly as possible, making sure that I understood, that Aiko had been destroyed by a Witch Hunter from the continent. She had been trailed while in the streets and then, prior to feeding, had been decapitated in an alleyway not far from here. They needed to move me into the clans sacred Elysium. It was too dangerous to keep me there. The messenger removed the stake and I gained control of my body once again.I was brought, once again, before the Prince. They explained to me that I would now be put directly under his supervision. I would be under his control. I could do nothing about this; I was blood-bound to follow his every command. I felt a great loss at having been separated from my Sire. I vowed then and there that I would have that Witch Hunter’s throat someday. It was just going to be a matter of time.

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