Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vampire The Masquerade: Frank Goodwin Pt. 6

Frank's Backstory Continued...

Frank took a pause in his story again. “Sorry honey, I hope I am not boring you too much with all this history. We can take a break now. Why don’t you get cleaned up. There is another dress in the bathroom hanging up. Take a shower and get changed. You look like you are tired and could use some freshening up.” Frank escorted the girl to the bathroom and unzipped the dress, sliding it off of her shoulders. She was very slight in figure and he could clearly see the veins in her neck standing out. He turned on the water in the shower and helped her get in before shutting the door.

Frank walked back over the couch and went to light another cigarette. It was the last one in the pack, but the kine stewardess was sure to have more.

Frank sat enjoying the last of his pack for several minutes before the girl stepped out of the bathroom, changed into a new dress, of nearly the same make and pattern. Her hair was wet and sticking together. She smelled much cleaner now. She didn’t wreak of horror quite as badly as she had before.

“Take a seat next to me on the couch,” Frank beckoned to her. She came and sat as he had dictated. She placed both her hands on her legs, sitting straight up. Her back didn’t even touch the soft leather cushion.

“You’re so tense sugar, loosen up.” Frank put one hand on his shoulder and leaned her against the back of the couch. “Isn’t that better. It is a very comfortable couch. I have earned luxuries such as these for all my hard work.” Frank took his hand off the girl’s shoulder.
“I hope you don’t mind if I finish my story.”

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