Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vampire The Masquerade: Frank Goodwin Pt. 7

Frank's Backstory Continued...

After Aiko died, I was continuously trained in the goings on in both the Yakuza and the Camarilla. They wanted me to be the best ambassador that I could be. They wouldn’t have a chance to make a better one now that Aiko was gone. They wouldn’t risk tainting their bloodline by turning another foreigner. So, I learned to be Japanese. They taught me how to wield a Katana, the traditional Japanese sword. They taught me to read, write, and speak the language as perfectly as any Japanese person could hope to. Not only that, but I was also schooled in other aspects of Japanese culture as well as academics. I learned how to do business and I learned how to manage money.

During the 1980’s Japan went through its big boom. During that period, I helped the mob to get into the action and share a piece of the big money pie. I will put it simply and say that I helped a lot of people make a lot of money. Then, before the bubble burst, I helped everyone get out. They made their money and kept it. They invested wisely and I helped them move that money offshore and into other countries to invest where the money was growing. Sugar, making all that money earns you some respect in Japanese society, even if I am a foreign tool being used by the Prince.

Over the last years, in the time that you have been alive, I have enjoyed immense pleasures. I have had a herd of people to myself and could feed at my leisure. That being said, I won’t say it has been all roses. My derangements have always been there. You have seen some of them tonight first hand. I am an intensely paranoid individual, but I am also compelled to be around people. It is a strange paradoxical emotion. I am always compelled to surround myself with individuals who, at any time, could threaten my very existence. I can’t tell you how this drives me mad. A stake to the heart is the best I can do to clear my head, but that too is putting my life into someone else’s hands. I never trust someone to do this freely, and therefore, I had to use the power of my blood in order to command you to do this act tonight. It is always this way with me. I have also always been plagued with nightmares. They keep me awake all throughout the day. I haven’t slept a single day through in months. You can imagine how horrible that might be.

About a year ago I heard a rumor spreading through the Camarilla that a man fitting the description of Aiko’s sire had been spotted in Los Angeles. I was given special permission, due to all my years of service, to go to Los Angeles, on this Jet, in order to seek him out and find out who he is. This might be the only chance I get.

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