Sunday, November 7, 2010

Continuing Some of My Old Posts - The Tree Children

A couple years ago, when I was first toying around with the idea of building a campaign setting, I built some stuff that I was going to use for the world. Although the world that I had envisioned then, and the world I am working on now, are very different, in most of the core aspects, they do share some similar qualities, so, I have decided to revive some of these old and incomplete posts and bring them back to life. You may recognize some of the content that is coming out here in the future.

One of the projects which I want to revive the most is my race the Kodama (working title). A race of fey children, based somewhat off of the little forest spirits from Princess Mononoke, as seen below -

mixed with the spirits from Shaman King, as depicted once again below.

These may very well be vague references to those who don't follow anime, but I am sure someone out there knows what I am talking about. I had in mind something of a primal race of fey creatures that resembled the Kodama, but were backed by powerful tree spirits. These tree spirits would be something akin to the powerful trees from the planet Jurai that you see in Tenchi Muyo (and other series sharing the same name), as depicted, yet, yet again, below

I hope some of you will appreciate this new player race and may be able to steal it for use in your own games. They will find a place in the Mad Lands very soon.

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