Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #2

My second post in my ten part series elaborating on the campaign characteristics for my setting.

#2 - Steam is IN

Steam power, is prolific throughout the world. Everything from steam powered trains, cars, and airships, to steam powered weapons and armor can be found throughout the land.
Steam power is essentially a replacement for magic; it works in many of the same ways that traditional magic items would. However, steam power in the world has a very different feeling than that of magic, especially when it comes to the impression that steam power has on the people of Sigilsval.
Magic was originally a gift handed down by the gods to the people in order for the people to survive during the Age of Beasts. However, the people of Sigilsval have lost faith in the gods, for the most part, and have begun rejecting their blessings, especially that of magic. The universal opinion is that Steam power was an invention of the people and therefore is valued more highly than something handed down to the people from celestial powers.

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