Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #3

Continuing my ongoing series part 3 of 10

#3 - Magic is OUT

As stated previously, the power that magic grants is quickly losing appeal among civilized society. However, this is not to say that it has disappeared.
For the past 50-100 years, Magic began to lose its popularity among the people. Why use a power given to us by the gods, when we, the people, have created a power of its equal ourselves? This logic became pervasive approximately 50 years ago and has quickly escalated among civilized society. In essence, Magic is going out of style. It is an old fashion.
Magic, however, has lost very little of its power or potency. Although it is unpopular with civilized society, it is still practiced in the far corners of the world, and is widely used by the forces of darkness within the civilized nations.
Some forces are urging for laws which wholly outlaw the use of magic, however these voices are not loud enough yet to be officially recognized by anyone. The power that magic offers is still too great to be wholly thrown away.

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