Friday, November 12, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #4

Part 4 of 10

#4 - The Alien is Among You

The forces of the Far Realm have begun invading Sigilsval, though not in a obvious way. Aberrant creatures have begun spreading throughout the various nations of Sigilsval – they can be seen virtually anywhere lately.
However, not all of these aberrant creatures are as evil as those of the past. Mind Flayers, a race which had been feared and despised throughout history, have become more and more common; not all of them possess the same urge to dominant other species – some serve the world, just like their civil humanoid counterparts which are native to Sigilsval.
Some other Aberrant creatures, such as the Modum, have actually become tools within the Second Renaissance. They serve the civilized races as something akin to biological mediums, connecting individuals throughout the world.
However, just because some of these Aberrant forces are not in Sigilsval to cause problems, it doesn’t mean that they all are. There are a great number of horrid beasts which have become a plague upon the people, causing horrible damage wherever they are seen.

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