Saturday, November 13, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #5

Part 5 of 10

#5 - Azatar's Power is Leaking

The great meteor, Azatar, which struck the world of Sigilsval around 10,000 years ago changed the face of Sigilsval forever. It split the land and destroyed the great Dwarf Kingdom of Grogmar, creating an age of Chaos which lasted one thousand years. However, the full force of destruction that the meteor could have unleashed was never realized. A great conclave of mages, from around the world, sensed the meteor’s arrival and sacrificed themselves to create a barrier around Azatar as it struck Sigilsval. Although their efforts were too late to save the Dwarfs of Grogmar, they were able to prevent the complete destruction of Sigilsval.
But… the shield around Azatar is weakening.
The reasons for the weakening of the shield are unknown. Some suppose that the people’s turn from Magic to Steam has actually weakened the power of Magic around the world, thus, weakening the barrier. Others propose a theory that the increase in creatures from the Far Realm may have led to this leakage.
There is a great and widening fear of what would happen when the barrier breaks completely. If it were to dissolve, what would happen? Would the power of Azatar be fully unleashed onto the land, or would it simply fizzle, revealing a great rock at the center of Shatteria, the remnant nation of grogmar.
Some propose to strengthen the barrier, but don’t know how to do it. Time will tell how things will unfold.

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