Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #6

Part 6 of 10

#6 The Gods have Declared War

As the people of Sigilsval have begun rejecting the gods and the gifts they have to offer, the Gods have decided to reject the people. A great host of powerful deities have assembled a great army. They no longer listen to or answer prayers of the great populace for they have declared war on the world.
The God war is starting.
The Gods, are assembling a great army and attack is imminent. Everyone feels it. They have created a vast fortress flying over the Black Sea, this castle, known as the Pillars of Creation, will serve as the striking point from which the Gods will attack the Cradle of Civilization, the three nations at the heart of Sigilsval. Their goal is currently unknown, but it is believed to have a strong connection to Azatar.

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