Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #8

Part 8 of 10

#8 - The Age of Great Adventure is Over...?

Near the beginning of the previous age, the number of adventurers traveling the world in search of treasure began to dwindle. The threat was simply too great when compared with the alternative life styles that could now be pursued through easier methods.
Now, during the current age, heroes are truly few and far between. Some say that the Age of Great Adventure has come to an end, but this may not really be the case.
With the world at a turning point, and the Gods declaring war, evil has become rampant throughout the land. Not since the dark ages, when the meteor Azatar brought chaos to the land, have the people needed heroes more. But who will take up this dangerous task? Who will confront the dark powers that are attacking Sigilsval and bringing chaos once again to the world.
Can the current age be continued? Can the world return to the peace that it is now attempting to secure. The few adventurers that take up this calling will most likely be the deciding factor in determining the fate of Sigilsval.

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