Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elaborating on Campaign Characteristics #9

Part 9 of 10

#9 - The Aristocracy Rules the Civilized World

The Cradle of Civilization, the three main nations which lie at the heart of the world, are rules strictly by an Elite Aristocracy. Although each nation may have its own Soverign leader, these leaders do not wield supreme power. The Aristocracy of Sigilsval is a cruel and cold mechanation. For the most part, they care little for the plights of the people, but rather seek wealth and evolution. They are constantly sponsoring new Scientific advancements for the purpose of war, even if the money for these project must come out of the regular citizen’s pockets.
The primary noble families of Sigilsval each date back at least a thousand years. Now, they function somewhat like corporations. There is a head to each Family, which governs the large scale decisions which must be made concerning the families stake in matters such as politics and war; however, day to day operations, appearances at court, and other such trivial matters are dealt with by lower members of the Family.
These Noble Corporations act as the decision makers and power brokers throughout the world. They are not to be taken lightly. They are also constantly in a state of flux. As one member of the family gains or loses favor with the Head, his or her rank may move up or down within the family. Results are heavily valued.

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