Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving My Students an Art Project

As many of you might now, I am an English teacher working in Japan. I happen to be lucky enough to be teaching almost 700 different students a week. That is a lot by the way. It is a very fun job, but it can be a lot of work. This week, I was delighted when several of my very talented students accepted a proposal of mine.

I have been working on a Campaign Setting for D&D 4e code name : The Mad Lands. It is still very much a work in progress. I have no intention to sell this setting bible. It will be available for a free download to anybody that wants it. As part of this project, I really wanted to deck my setting bible out with pictures and make it really, well, pretty. I think most people want that too. However, hiring an artist can be really, really expensive. I do a lot of my own art work, but this project is going to be way too big to make that happen. So, getting back to the beginning of this post, I have asked some of my students if they would like to contribute to my 'Game Manual' and almost all of them gladly agreed.

To summarize, a group of some of the most artisticly gifted high schoolers I know want to help me put together all the artwork I need for my Setting Bible. They don't even want any money for it. They are just really happy that somebody will look at and comment on their work.

Going forward, this blog will become a host for my student's artwork and their contributions to this game manual. As per my school's regulations, I will not be able to post their contact details here, but you will be able to comment on their work. They have also expressed some interest in working on other people's projects as well, so, if you see something you really like, and would like to have something drawn, they might even be up for that. I can't make that decision, but they seem very into the idea.

I hope you all enjoy what is to come. There is no current deadline for this project, so you could consider it ongoing. I'll probably be checking in with them every couple of weeks to see if they have anything they want to post up.

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