Saturday, November 27, 2010

L5R was really awesome!

I have been going back to some of my old L5R books. Working in a game store for a long time had its perks - getting books at a discount. I have a massive collection and it is nice to once and a while go back some old stuff for inspiration.

L5R definitely did the Japanese setting right. That setting did a fantastic job of creating a fantastic version of Japan which I would have loved to roll through with a Ronin or a Shugenja of my own creation.

I have been looking at the 4th edition book recently and really want to get my hands on it to do a review. Being a Japanese culture major, and speaking some of the language, I would really enjoy combing through the new stuff to see what they have changed, updated, thrown out, etc.

I really think I am going to end up imitating a lot of what L5R was able to accomplish, not really because I am going to be copying their stuff, but because they were so bloody complete in their production of these gaming texts that they really got to every single corner of the Japanese world which can be explored for fantasy role playing purposes. Then again, my game is a bit more recent in terms of the history of Japan. Aiming my setting at some time around the Meji Revolution, then turning that into a fantasy world, I think there will be a significant deal of new material.

Speaking of old books, was looking at "Sorcery and Steam" -
What an awesome book. Filled with so much great material. Anyone thinking about running a steampunk style game should go back to this book for some great historical information and inspirational material.

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