Friday, November 26, 2010

Lenny the Loan-Sharkman Pt. 1

From Lone Sharkman to Loan-Sharkman

Lenny is an NPC which was inspired by some discussion over on the new RPG Table Talk Forums. A discussion has recently broke out regarding loans in D&D. He is a product of the discussion which you can read here:

Lenny is a sharkman, he is half man and half shark. He doesn't fit in very well in mainstream society and has never been very well loved by anyone. He has however had a brilliant career as both a pirate and an adventurer and treasure seaker. Although he once had a love for the sea and for seaking out danger and gold, he has put aside his adventuring ways in order to pursue a career as a private banker of sorts. He offers loans to people who need money quick, but his loans come with some really steep interest rates. However, for a small fee, he will also keep a player's treasure and gold perfectly safe and available at a moment's notice.

Lenny grew up in the ocean. He was a lone shark in a big sea, but, an encounter with a group of drowning mages, some wild magic, and he turned into a real man - well, at least half of a real man. Lenny grew a pair of legs, and a pair of arms. He even began to start to think and speak like a human. It wasn't long before he decided that he wanted to try his fins at life out of the water. He headed to the nearest port, but, wasn't greeted with the warmest reception. He was an outcast, bitter, depressed, and alone.

One day, everything changed for Lenny. A group of unsual characters had formed something of a adventuring band. None of them were particulary heroic in appearance, but each had the heart of a true hero. Lenny was heartily welcomed by the group and they set out across the world in search of treasure and glory. Lenny felt right at home.

Over the years, the group lost some of its number and Lenny decided that he wanted to try something new. With his newfound wealth, and his combat skills, honed from years of dungeon delving, Lenny found himself a crew of misfits and built himself a three masted ship. He would be the captain of his very own pirate vessel.

However, after a couple years of pirating, and getting fat off of his lifestyle as captain, Lenny decided that pirating simply wasn't worth the trouble. He quit, took his vast fortune, and sunk it to the bottom of the ocean.

Lenny moved inland, built himself a little shack on the beach and tried to think up a way to make some money. It wasn't long before he had a brilliant idea. Becuase of his infamy as a legendary pirate and adventurer (partly true on both accounts) he constantly received visitors eager to get money out of him. Lenny however, was not eager to simply give away his money. One day, a traveller came to call and asked to borrow 1000 Gold Pieces, but, if he was lent the money, in a week, he would pay it all back plus an extra 100 gold. Lenny thought the deal sounded good enough and gave the traveller the gold. A week later, the traveller returned with all the money, plust the interest he had promised to pay. From that day on, Lenny became a Loan Shark.

The Services Lenny Offers

Lenny offers several service to virtually anyone who asks. He will loan GP out at a reasonable rate. About 10% interest per week (well, maybe it isn't so reasonable). However, loans of significant GP require a great deal of collatoral (something worth at least 20% of the value of the laon). Lenny expects his payments to be made in a timely fashion. Usually, he requires that the total ammount of the loan be repaid 10 weeks from the date the loan is given, but he requires a payment of 20% the base ammount every 2 weeks. Lenny is not very merciful when it comes to late payments. He has been known to visciously maul anybody who doesn't come up with the money on time.

Lenny also offers service as a private bank. For a fee of 500 gp, a player can open an account with Lenny and give hime money to hold in reserve. When a player gives lenny money, he or she can be assured that no harm will ever come to it. Over the years, if Lenny has learned anything, it is the art of teleportation, a skill which he uses daily and with incredible skill in order to get exactly where he needs to be - mainly, his massive vault, hidden at the bottom of the sea, containing all of his money, and all the money of the various adventurers with whom he does business.


I hope you like Lenny. I will post stats up for him in 4e D&D later on the blog. Stay tuned for a stat blog and adventure hooks involving Lenny.

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