Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Session 3 Adventure Report Pt. 1

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they had slain a young purple dragon on the roof of an out of control steam train in the late ours of the night.

I will say up front that this session was a bit of a let-down. We were down two players, which forced me to change the encounters a bit; however, the players are in general improving their skills and know how to get through things quite a bit better.

To begin the session, the players tried to rescue as many of the nobles as they could from the 1st Class car. Most of them were either dead or dying. Among the group, an Elf noble pled for the aid of the PC's in recovering the cargo which they were hauling to Kalm. Although the cargo itself was highly valuable, the players were able to get enough information out of the Elf to find out that not the cargo, but the containers which were holding their cargo, were the real prize. The crates must be recovered at all cost - he informs them just before passing on.

The players held a little impromptu strategy meeting and decided to throw their steam train, now back in working order, into reverse and ram into the cars which they had previously detached. They were successful in this task, but were forced into a bottlekneck as the only perceived point of entrance into the enemy train was from their previously connected cargo car.

Inside the cargo car, the PC's were met with heavy resistance. An Elite Orc, wielding some powerful steam tech, accompanied by a Dragonborn elementalist, a pair of Ogres, and a squadron of minions put up quite the fight, but in the end, were bested without too much of a mess to the players. The biggest threats came from the Dragonbron and teh Elite Orc, but the Dragonborn was taken down by a single HUGE hit from the Barbarian which dealt over 60 damage. Quite the crit. The Elite Orc proved to be quite the burden in Mellee, but after he was shot up a bit, he went down hard.

However, the cargo car had already been plundered (those big Ogres made quick work of the heavy lifting), so the players sauntered through the big iron doors which led to the Orc train and got ready for the last battle of the Hammer.

Stay tuned and check in tomorrow for info on how the final battle of the Train raid went down.

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