Friday, November 12, 2010

Steam Weapons and Steam Attachments Pt. 2

Continuing from last time.

The idea of weapon attachments being continued over into steam power presents the opportunity to keep magic weapons the way they are, but allow the players to add steamy elements to their characters without getting rid of the magicky side. I have decided to work this out through the use of a particularly iconic steam punk item – the Steam Powered Backpack. Honestly, I don’t know what they call this, but I see it everywhere. Look on Deviant Art and you will see images of these things all over the place. The above Image was drawn by Gjomlez. You can see his work on Deviant Art here ( . The thing on this guy’s back is what I am talking about, if you didn’t get meaning before. There are probably thousands of images with things like this. I love it. I like the image it creates and I think it presents the perfect opportunity to add in a bit of new mechanics to D&D 4e.

So, how does it work?

Enter – The Personal Steam Power Generator or… The P.S.P.G.

The P.S.P.G works like a magic weapon or armor. It has multiple levels and multiple Steam Ratings (similar to Enhancement Rating). The cost for a P.S.P.G. is the same as per a weapon of the same level.

So, at level 4, you have access to a P.S.P.G. +1. But now you ask, what does it do?

Well, the P.S.P..G. allows the player to access Steam Attachments which they can put on their weapons or Armor. Every Steam Attachment not only has a required Weapon or Armor for which it attaches to, but also has a required P.S.P.G. from which it gets its power. There are several versions of the P.S.P.G. which players can utilize, each of which does something slightly different, but has a variety of supported attachments.

No Really, How DOES IT WORK?

Ok. So the P.S.P.G. works similarly to the way Psionic powers work in the game right now. Each Personal Steam Power Generator can generate a number of Steam Points each round relative to the type of generator and its Steam Level. For example, the Above P.S.P.G would be able to generate 1 Steam Point base, plus an additional +1 for its Steam Level. (Some do not gain the base, others gain more).

These Steam Points act like Power Points. They can be used to augment weapon attacks or defenses when used with an appropriate Weapon Attachment.

Here is an example of how this works.

My Fighter has equipped a P.S.P.G. and has also attached the “Heavy Metal” attachment to his executioner’s axe. The “Heavy Metal” attachment has the following power:

At Will – Free Action
Trigger: You make an attack with the Weapon to Which this is attacked.
You may spend 1 Steam Point. For the next attack, increase the damage that the base weapon deals to the next highest damage Die.

When my fighter makes an attack with his executioner’s axe, he spends 1 Steam Point and pumps the damage on the Axe to 2d6, instead of its base damage.

So, that is how it works. Steam points regenerate at the end of the encounter of an encounter. You can use as many Steam Points in an encounter as you can generate.

How do you like? Good?

More coming later.

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