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XDMC 23 - 8 Golden Guardians Pt. 1

So, here is my silver medal entry. I hope you can steal it and use it for your game. An update first though: I have gotten permission from all of the XDMC 22 entrants, so, the PDF project will be up shortly with all entries in the PDF. I hope that some DM's will be able to use this as a valuable resource, it is FREE, so that is definitely a usable price.

The 8 Golden Guardians


The 8 Golden Guardians is a legendary organization which is commonly believed to have been responsible for protecting people all over the world as an extraordinarily powerful wing of the (a) church. Each member of the group possessed extraordinary martial prowess and extraordinary strength, dexterity, and constitution; they were also all wise men possessing incredible intellect and reasoning. The legend of the 8 Golden Guardians has gone on to inspire countless martial adventurers throughout the ages, but has also been used by the church to inspire the plain and ordinary people of common decent that they are not only being protected by the gods above, but also by plain and ordinary humans just like they are.

However, the legend of the 8 Golden Guardians is lie…

The False Legend

The legend of the Guardians dates back several hundred years and is closely linked to the (a) church. Common Knowledge about the organization is easily accessible. Many books have been written about their exploits and the clergy are all eager to tell tales of their bravery and honor.


Common Knowledge about the 8 Golden Guardians
Legends about the organization differ considerably regarding their exploits during life. Depending on the church one visits, the legend may change dramatically (this is mostly due to the fact that all reports of their activities are predominantly false). However, some facts remain the same:

It is believed that the 8 Golden Guardians roamed the world approximately 300-400 years ago. Some older dwarves and even elves proclaim that they met the 8 Golden Guardians while they were journeying at some point. Each of the Guardians relied not on magic powers or special magical weapons, but instead, relied on his own physical abilities in battle.Each of the 8 Golden Guardians avidly practiced a single martial style which he was eager to teach to others; each of the guardians frequently participated in duels, but only to teach, never to kill or show off one’s own strength.The 8 Golden Guardians actively traveled the world searching out the elder evils that plagued the people in order to slay them and thus bring harmony to the public.Golden Statues that depict the 8 Golden Guardians can be found in virtually any church around the world. They are most frequently located in places that the Guardians are believed to have visited.

Advanced Knowledge
Additional Information about the Golden Guardians can be obtained through a successful history check (note: this information pertains to the FALSE legend regarding the organization some of this information is grossly inaccurate, some of it is simply a twisted version of the truth)
Expert Knowledge – DC 20
The Golden Guardians were so named because of the color of their clothing and armor. Each member of the Golden Guardians wore raiment’s made of pure gold.
The Golden Guardians were renowned for being pure warriors who cleansed the world of evil – even from within the church and places of power. Wherever the people were being oppressed, it was their duty to purge that corruption.
The Golden Guardians were believed to come from another plane. Although human, their appearance was exotic and not typical for regular humans.
Master Knowledge – DC 25
The 8 Golden Guardians each had very different hair and eye colors. It was obvious that they were not related by blood, but by a common desire to protect and save the people from evil.
The 8 Golden Guardians were believed to have disappeared from the world when they believed their mission to be finished. They had brought hope to the people, purged the church and the kingdoms of tyranny, and had cleansed the land of its various taints. They left the material world satisfied by the fact that they had passed on their knowledge of the martial practices to the people and that those people could now protect themselves


Expert’s Knowledge – DC 30
The 8 Golden Guardians were responsible for slaying several key heads of churches all around the world. These church officials had been corrupted by demons and devils and had been using their position to do evil.
The 8 Golden Guardians were responsible for leading purges against several cities – each of which had been tainted by a despicable evil power, some by the plague, some by forces of pure darkness.
The 8 Golden Guardians are reputed to have overthrown at least one, if not more, powerful kingdoms which were ruled by tyrants. They slew the king, took his head, and displayed it to the people, who were overjoyed that they had been liberated and freed from oppression.
You discover that the names of the 8 Golden Guardians and their martial specialties: They can be found below.

  • Trypthis the Black – Dagger Rogue
  • Swelarcus the Blue – Longbow Ranger
  • Dormthindral the Green – Spear Fighter
  • Razamal the Red – Dual Wielding Sword Fighter
  • Pericus the White – Two-handed Axe Fighter
  • Zelkaedel the Purple – Fist Fighter Monk
  • Gromarde the Brown – Brawler Fighter
  • Harkus the Gray – Sword and Shield Fighter

Note: More difficult knowledge checks are probably unnecessary. If players are capable of making checks higher than 30 than they should have access to the TRUTH about the 8 Golden Guardians very quickly, as detailed IN TOMORROWS POST... cliffhanger...

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