Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The XDMC PDF Project - A work in Progress

I have recently voluteered to act as the assembler for the Expert Dungeon Masters Competition PDF Project. I have posted about this competition many times on this blog. You can find a complete list of all my entries in the competition at the top of the page under tabs. I even post many of the entries up here in full as well.

I really can't say enough good things about this contest. It may not have any big prizes, or any big payoff (other than a little forum tag under your name and the respect of your fellow entrants), but it does have a big payoff for people who play the game.

The entire point of the XDMC is to make a fun place to inspire creativity for the creation of new resources for DM's. The competition has a really great goal, which I think is awesome. But, I feel that the content that is getting posted may never get used in the longrun. Since the competition is forum based, you never really get to see any of the material in print, unless you do it yourself, straight off the web.

So, with the permission of the head of the competition, I will be starting the PDF project. I will be contacting all of the prior entrants to get permission to put their forum entries into a library of PDF documents which will be available free for download at this blog and at many others. We will probably even get them up on RPGnow. Look for these PDF's in the future. They can be a really valuable asset to any DM. I know that I have really enjoyed drawing inspiration from a number of the entries. I am sure that you will as well.

We now have a significant number of individuals who have dedicated themselves and their entries to this project. In addition, we have our own group on the Wizards Forums, from which we will be distributing this material. I anticipate the first one of these PDF's, XDMC 22, to be coming out in about 2-3 weeks.

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